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Video course "PHP Master. From theory to CMS Internet-shop"

Educational magazine about computer 19.02.2018 at 15:20

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Given the popularity of PHP, the Russian market of web development for many years, experiencing constant high demand for PHP programmers, especially high-level. Having knowledge of PHP and knowing how to program in this language, you will surely discover new opportunities for earnings and rapid career growth.

PHP — most popular programming language among web developers in the world. The absolute majority of all websites written in PHP. The PHP language is maintained and developed as open source, with thousands of participants, actively working on the development of language to meet the needs of modern web development. PHP continues to incorporate new programming ideas, and borrows ideas from other programming languages, while maintaining a high level of backward compatibility.

PHP is an undisputed world leader of web development

Video course "PHP Master. From theory to CMS Internet-shop" is a modern basic from a team of practitioners web development that 2-3 months will make you a professional Backend development in PHP and plus, this will give important related knowledge and valuable experience in web development.

the author of the course - Andrey Kudlay - author and technical Director of the publishing house WebForMySelf. Professional web development with 11 years of practical experience. Has knowledge in the areas of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash, site optimization. Fluent in frameworks and CMS: OpenCart, WordPress, CakePHP, Bootstrap, Yii2. The teacher in the past, thanks to which is able to explain so that it becomes clear even to the beginner. Worked many years as moderator of the online stores in various firms, so know the whole "kitchen" of site building from the inside

In the course "PHP Master. From theory to CMS Internet-shop" developed its own PHP framework, which you can later reuse, reducing development time. On completion of the course you will create a ready CMS for Internet shop and can develop a custom online shopping and other types of sites, using developed in the course CMS. And if you master the development of an online store, then you will not be difficult to develop any other kind of website: business card site, corporate website, blog, news portal, etc.

what you can expect

If you are a beginner.

If you are only making first steps in web development and you do not have a theoretical base, then this course will suit you perfectly – you will receive a comprehensive, clear, structured knowledge in PHP and MySQL. The course is taught systematically and sequentially from simple to complex. The course will provide you with comprehensive theoretical base that covers all the gaps in knowledge. And, of course, much practice! In result you will have a complete understanding of PHP and MySQL and you can immediately apply them in practice when programming websites of any complexity.

If you are an existing developer

If you've already grasped the theory, but in practice don't understand how to tie it all together and build the web application then this course will help you to significantly reduce the time spent on writing repetitive code. You will be able to update disparate knowledge and to automate your work by creating your own PHP framework. With the knowledge gained from the lessons of the course, you will not only be able to create your own CMS, sharpened by the creation of online stores (one of the most popular and functional types of web applications), but also to write my own PHP framework, which will be created by CMS. And having dealt with programming an online store, you'll be able to create sites of any complexity!


- Part 1. Writing your own framework

- Part 2. Writing frontend CMS online store

- Part 3. Writing the backend CMS online store

bonuses to the course:

- Premium course on PHP and MySQL 7 PHP

- Premium course-OOP in PHP

- Transfer site to hosting

- the payment system

- a Personal account of the buyer

- Canonical URLS

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