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First glance: the 13th season

Diablo® III 13.02.2018 at 18:00

The New season will start very soon! If you want to start the game with a clean slate in the new season, specially for you we have prepared a short preliminary review, from which you will learn what awaits us in the 13th season.

is a New decorative.

As happened in the 13th season, we continue to add new cosmetic rewards that can be obtained within the seasonal campaign.

in Addition to the cells for a helmet and shoulder pads in a unique set of the conqueror, you are also waiting for new series of portraits in the style of Empire. If you like to collect Pets, don't forget to add to their collection honey bear blaine! When you travel with him side by side, you might want to ask him why he is covered in blood, or try to take away sharp objects. We strongly recommend not to do this.

the Awards season journey

If you have actively participated in past seasons and each time have fulfilled all the tasks of the conqueror, then you probably should be enough extra stash tabs. Those who have not yet managed to open all four tabs through the participation in the seasonal campaigns, will be able to unlock a new tab by completing the following tasks of the conqueror:

to clean up the portal on the level of complexity "Torment XIII" in less than 5 minutes; clean up the great portal 60 level alone; to kill Greed on the level of complexity "Torment XIII"; kill Cideo on the level of complexity "Torment XIII" in less than 15 seconds; to reforge a legendary item or an item from the kit; inlay ancient legendary items with legendary gems, 50 level (or higher); to improve the 3 legendary gem at least 55 level; to get two gains.

Seasonal conquest

Once we are talking about conquests, it should be noted that the list will change too. Love rush? The conquest of the "Sprinter" and "Race" will again become relevant. Want to arrange a trial of the spirit in greater rifts? The conquest of the "Divine" and "Lionheart" is also returned. If you want to kill as many enemies and open the cursed chests, the conquest of the "Curse!" and "Parade of stars" — just for you! If you are interested to see what your character without the items from sets, you'll like the conquest of "Passion" and "Superman". Finally, if you want to prove that the set dungeon you uneasy, you can continue to conquest "masters of the Universe" and "Master sets".

the Gift of Hadria

finally, it should be said that, as before, you can get a beautiful new set of items from gifts Fedriga, concluding Chapter of the season journey. For those who had not participated in the seasons, the following are the conditions for obtaining a list of all available kits.

For the successful completion of 2nd, 3rd and 4th chapters of the season of the campaign you will receive a total of three gift Hadria. Every gift contains a few items from the kit for a particular class. In each season players will be able to get one set in heroic and normal mode, so do with the gifts wisely!

what items from the kit you will get depends on the class of the character who opened the gifts. To collect the full set of items for a particular class, open the gifts one hero.

the image below shows what the kits can be obtained in the 13th season of Gifts Hadria.

a Barbarian — "the Power of the earth" Crusader — "thorns of the Invoker" demon Hunter — "the shadow's Mantle" Monk "outfit of the King of the apes" Necromancer "the Mercy of Inaria" Wizard "Robes of the Reaper jade" Fascinator — "the decoration of the fire bird"

Questions and answers

Q: When will the 13th season?

A: In North America, the 13th season will begin on Friday, February 23, at 17:00 PST, in Europe — at 19:00 GMT in Asia at 17:00 KST. To compare the time of the start of the season on this website.

q: When will be reset off-season rating table?

A: non-seasonal leaderboards are tied to what we call "eras", each of which lasts from 6 to 12 months. The last era began on 9 November. Read more about Erie can learn from this article.

q: What will happen to data about past seasons and eras?

About: With the beginning of the 10th season, we removed the data about the best personal results in the 1st season. When will the 13th season, data will be erased on the results of the players in the 4th season and so on. In addition, we will also reset the best results the previous era with the beginning of a new one.

the Seasonal ladder, we remove will not. Their data can be viewed in-game or on our website.

the 13th season will begin very soon! Do you have any plans for him? Are you going to focus on the use of some specific scenario? Or you set yourself other goals?

let us know in the comments. See you in the 13th season!

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