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The beginning of the 13th season

Diablo® III 23.02.2018 at 16:00

In all regions Diablo III has begun the thirteenth season. To create a seasonal hero, select your class, gender and name as when creating a character, and click the "Seasonal hero".

in addition, you can use the seasonal rebirth and play in the new season for an already existing hero. Character to rebirth, you can specify on the selection screen of the hero.

In this case, all items that the character uses or keeps in the bag, will be confiscated and mailed to your non-seasonal heroes (same thing happens with the contents of the stash seasonal characters at the end of the season). In addition, the level of your character will be reduced to 1, so you start with a clean slate.

learn More about seasonal rebirth.

What is the seasons?

Seasons is a special mode that is offered regularly in the game in addition to the other modes. It gives you the opportunity from time to time to start the game again and develop new characters with 1 level in normal or heroic modes (you cannot use previously accumulated in-game currency, items, and Paragon levels). Like characters in normal and heroic modes, seasonal characters have their own shared stash and artisan progression. At the end of the season all earned during this time, the game currency, materials, recipes, items, Paragon levels and levels of artisans will be moved to the off-season player profile.

In the thirteenth season offers unique rewards — new decorative items and an exclusive set of objects for transmogrification (for those who regularly creates seasonal characters) — new tests as well as special seasonal achievement or challenge, known as "Conquest". Keep track of your progress you will be able to rating tables, and thanks to the "Seasonal camping".

read More about the thirteenth season.

good Luck, nephalem! Let Kadan will be favorable to you and your feats will be glorified for centuries.

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