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Webinar February 25, Sunday at 17.00

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 22.02.2018 at 16:27

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Friends, we invite you Sunday, February 25, at 17-00 for the webinar "What is the aura and how it is influenced unimodularity"

despite the fact that concepts such as aura, aura, energy is firmly established in our life, we see that many people still do not fully understand what the aura is and what value it has for man.

moreover, for some of these concepts somehow are still something mystical and mysterious, although today there are many methods of objectification of field structures of man.

This webinar we decided to spend to help those members of our club who are trying to convey information about inomoderator to their relatives and friends, but they face certain difficulties.

once we conducted a survey among the participants of the forum (by the way, this survey and are present today in our forum, you can go to this link), which tried to understand what are the main points causing misunderstanding as the people who talks about unimodularity, and those who listen to them.

Response almost all was the same - "how it works, how to operate the structures that are working part modulator".

On YouTube, and here on the forum, we post recordings of webinars, where we try to talk about it. There is a recording of the webinar, entitled "Unimodularity and how it works" where I explain everything in simple language. But one problem - not all watch these videos.

to be Honest, we were hoping for a bunch of materials that are on our sites and on YouTube. But, you see, we were wrong. As I understand now, you just have to systematically tell, tell and tell.

Therefore, in the webinar on February 25 we will talk more about that:

►what is the biofield, its principal functions,

►what are the methods of objectification of the biofield,

►unimodularity that give us the protection plan for the protection and restoration of the biofield,

►what is this protection,

►and also about "how it works", that is, they know how to do those geometrical character of the structure (matrix), which are the working part of animatorov.

me Remind you that this month we are meeting in the new conference room. Last time everything was more than fine. The room is too much, no one knocked. But just in case, I warn you that this is the Internet and anything can happen. If the host suddenly disappeared, not to worry, and be patient and wait a few minutes to restore the connection. I hope that anything extreme does not happen.

Link to enter the room -

You will need to enter only your name or nickname with which you registered on our forum is optional.

"Buns" members-only webinar!

►In honor of the male holiday in the webinar we will hold a lottery, where, as always, will play unimodularity and discounts on them.

*** For registration in the lottery need to be registered on this site -

How to register on the website >>

►Those who're lucky, you'll be able to take advantage of discounts equal to the discounts in the birthday Bonus for club members. The decision will be 7 days.

Come into the room a little early to check out the link.

so, see you on Sunday, February 25, at 17: 00 in our conference room

If something does not work, you can before the webinar to knock me in Skype elena_p2007. The code word when you contact request on Skype - "KIT" or "unimodular", or "webinar"

Join group Skype chat club link

to participate in the main questionnaire survey in our forum >>

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