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What men talk about. Continuation (—) clips from movies 26.02.2018 at 21:40

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At this time, Alex, Glory, Camille and Alex go to Peter. Moreover, three of the four don't even know why they go there. But at some point it becomes clear that it doesn't matter why. It is important that you go. And, of course, too bad that the house had a lot of problems but good thing about them it is possible not to think... at least until Monday. And, of course, too bad that behind the peregrine and had to go to the reserved seat, but it's unexpectedly good... and comfortable. And yet unexpectedly good happens to drink at five in the morning the tequila boom. Kind of early... but on time! And how it inspires all sorts of things! One day our heroes defeat the Germans, to bury uncle Bob, worried for Mikhail Prokhorov, singing a song from a favorite cartoon, and suddenly I remember the word "dendrology", agree with the conductor of a train "Adler-Murmansk" that Messi is better than Ronaldo, and figure out how to behave with money, so they're not offended. In short, they talk, talk, talk... and, as we know from the two previous films, it is worth a look and it is worth listening to.


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