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Define your face shape and choose hairstyles and glasses, along with stylist 17.02.2018 at 14:23

What you need to know your face shape?

what you need to know what type of our face? It's pretty simple, the knowledge will help you to successfully find the hair, whether styling or just a new haircut, to choose the most harmonious makeup, choose the right accessories and jewelry.

Before you identify what species your face shape, you must do the basic actions that will greatly facilitate this task. First, remove the hair from the face, the bangs, if any, including. Second, do Not wear clothing with a high neck is better to give preference t-shirt. And, thirdly, stand in front of a mirror so that the person does not fell unnecessary shadows, or they can distort the picture.

now it is possible to start defining the shape of the face.

Kinds of shapes Oval

The form is considered the most harmonious and does not need any correction.

How to define?

— the Height or length of the face always is greater than its width.

— the Forehead of the jaw are almost equal, at that time, as the chin smoothly and gently rounded.

— is The widest point of the cheekbones.

because of this, the winner of the oval faces can feel free to experiment with makeup and hairstyles, because it fits in almost everything that is not true of representatives of other types, which we will discuss below.

Among the celebrities oval faces found in: Monica Bellucci, Cindy Crawford and Julia Roberts.

the Circle

to Determine the round shape of the face pretty easy, its height and width almost equal, and the chin is not allocated. A distinctive feature of representatives of this type is that they look very young. Because soft, smooth facial features are reminiscent of the youthful swelling and cheeks.

as is conventionally taken for the ideal oval, the other visually should be close to her. Therefore, the round face it is advisable to pull with hair and makeup.

the Haircut, should not be too short and in any case not end at the chin, because this will further round the face. A great option would be the medium length hair (to shoulder level) or long, but if you dream about bangs – it is only oblique, but not direct or semi-circular.

the Representatives of this type of person are: Selena Gomez, drew Barrymore and ginnifer Goodwin.


How to recognize a square? The horizontal and vertical faces, so to speak, of the same length. The forehead, cheekbones, jaw – everything is in the same plane and do not stand out. Not outstanding and not the sharp chin paired with quite a broad forehead. This form of face is very strict.

in Order to balance the massiveness of the facial features need to wear the hair, not cleaned in a sleek updo, to avoid the so-called slick styling and graphic cuts. It is desirable to give preference to graded haircuts and negligent as volume.

Among the stars, the squares are: Catherine Deneuve, Natalia Vodianova, Jessica Simpson.


This type is similar to a square, but in this case, the face somewhat elongated, that is, the width of the forehead, cheekbones and jaw in General, the most equal, but the so-called vertical faces elongated. Not infrequently the owner of such shapes have a high forehead and a clean line of hair growth.

in Order to balance the proportions and make the image of harmony, it is desirable to give preference to quite voluminous hairstyles, undone beach hair, hair length no shorter than the chin. Also welcome a variety of types of bangs but cut strictly in a straight line, as it is visually heavier chin.

to Avoid, in turn, is smoothly coiffed and cleaned from your facial hair, tight tails and beams, opening high graphic the forehead.

the Rectangular facial structure among the celebrities you can meet: Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde and demi Moore.


form a Triangular or heart characterized by the following features: wide forehead, cheekbones greatly already neat and sharp chin.

the Girls, whose face resembles a heart, it is desirable to avoid high hairstyles, because it will make even more stress on the already rather big forehead. But, unlike the square and rectangular type, feel free to wear the hairstyle ending at the jaw line and long straight or curly hair. Especially organically will look thick oblique bangs, bringing sleek lines at the top of the head.

outstanding representative of the inverted triangle among Actresses are Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Christina Ricci.


the Absolute opposite of the heart is a trapezoid or pear. Here is the opposite: the forehead is the narrowest part, but the jaw rather prominent.

in Order to adjust these proportions suggest wearing bangs or a haircut, the maximum volume is concentrated at the top, curled inwards, and no hair on the chin. Will be especially good haircut gradation or the so-called in the people, the ladder.

holders of this type are: Renee Zellweger, Kelly Osbourne, Jennifer aniston.


the girls with diamond face is quite pointed and narrow forehead with the chin, but great cheekbones.

in Order to visually enlarge the forehead, you can cut bangs if you don't want to, then just wear a side parting. In any case the main thing – not to open the forehead in a tightly removed the hair.

In this case, unlike the above-mentioned trapezoid, it is possible and sometimes even necessary, to put the hair inside, if their length is no longer than shoulder length.

Represent this type of: Audrey Tatu, Taylor swift, Madonna.

Choose glasses

We have prepared for you a few tips on how to choose sunglasses depending on your structure:

— oval, as before, is not as such a taboo, the only advice – try so that the width of the points is approximately the same as the width of the face. For the rest, boldly try on a variety of forms, ranging from Kay-ays and ending with a rather large round lenses.

— Chubby girls need to avoid glasses rounded shapes, because the extra time will create an accent on the cheeks and so on. For you desirable more graphic frames with clean lines. For example, square-shaped, cat-eyes or the classic Wayfarer.

— Girls "squares" it is not desirable to choose the setting of parameters, which repeat the features of the face or resonate with them. But to look at all rounded models is very worth it. Note aviators, cat-eyes or so-called butterfly.

— If you are the owners of a rectangular face, also prefer the round models and avoid long and narrow shapes.

— the Ladies-"heart" necessary to balance the proportions between the forehead and delicate chin, so the top of the point should not be too wide and large, attracting attention to himself. Aviators and a variety of extravagant model leave it for someone else, and do look at the lens in the form of a trapezoid or round, rimless glasses and models in light pastel colours.

— "pears" everything is exactly the opposite. Does not need to attract a lot of attention to the lower part of the face, so we select the frame with the outstanding wide top and a modest bottom. Cat-ice's perfect for you, and also take a look at clubmaster.

— Because, as the most prominent part of the faces of a diamond is the cheekbones, the emphasis on them not to do. This refuse is too wide or narrow frames, and choose between square and oval lenses, aviators and Clubmasters.

And lastly I would like to say that the owner no matter what type of person you are, remember that each is beautiful in its own way!

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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