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Morning (optional) plenary session of the State Duma on February 22

At the morning plenary session was chaired by Vyacheslav Volodin.

At the beginning of the plenary meeting were 414 registered members. From the Committee on control and Regulations of the State Duma Olga Savastianova informed that the number present should be 414.

On the proposal of the Chairman of the State Duma deputies Vyacheslav Volodin congratulated Alfie kogogina happy birthday.

the Chairman of the Committee on family, women and children Tamara Pletnev has congratulated deputies men with the Motherland defender's Day and the 100th anniversary since the establishment of the red Army: "Be healthy, let them love you, be happy and have never in my life do not hurt women. With a holiday!"

the Presiding Vyacheslav Volodin has noted the role of women in the lives of men and reminded that women are serving in the Armed forces of Russia: "Dear, dear women, men, congratulate you on the holiday - defender of the Fatherland Day, because without you, no man is able to perform the feat. Due to the fact that you are, we men are so brave, such courage. And, as you know, service in the Armed forces are women, so this holiday is considered only a man's holiday." Chairman of the State Duma also congratulated the troops who are serving, particularly in Syria.

To the greetings of women was joined by the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on culture Vladimir Bortko, who reminded that at the beginning of March, the deputies will work in regions. "In March we will not, and women have a great holiday, we have to congratulate them today. Let's do it," said he, then in the hall there was applause.

Adopted the procedure of the State Duma on 22 February 2018, "for" - 363.

the Draft resolution of the State Duma No. 391387-7 "On the calendar of consideration of questions the State Duma from 21 March to 13 April 2018" presented by the first Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Alexander Zhukov.

In his message, in eight meetings during the specified period, it is planned to consider bills 113, including 19 in the second reading, 91 in the first and three of the instrument of ratification of treaties.

priorities A. Zhukov spoke about the bills on the service in the penal system, the production of organic products, about the free transportation of students in municipal educational institutions.

it is also Planned to discuss amendments to the law on education that improve the target training of students, a bill to clarify the rules of distribution of court costs in administrative cases on challenging the results of cadastral value determination, the amendments to the law on environmental protection, regulating the issues of prevention and liquidation of spills of oil and oil products.

April 11 will be the Government's report on progress in 2017. The list of questions and procedure of the report will determine the Council of the Duma, which, according to A. Zhukov, will take place on March 1, the day of the announcement of the President's address to the Federal Assembly.

In the discussion of the Calendar were: Nikolai Kolomeitsev (CPRF) proposed to consider as a priority the only bills that go to the making and passed the expert assessment, "choose 15 basic laws that will restore the health of the country, and to accept them"; Oleg Nilov (CF), considering the important political history to move in the morning, took the initiative of holding of the parliamentary hearings of the Olympic theme with the participation of all athletes, offered to engage youth with activities every 5 years to revise the consumer basket (the law included), and also stated the need to hold "people's hearing" on forests.

the Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin supported the idea of holding parliamentary hearings on the issue of saving the forest in the spring session. "Of hearings on the issue of forest management and conservation, let us ask our relevant Committee and Nikolai Petrovich Nikolaev (Chairman of the Committee on natural resources, property and land relations) to study the issue and offer time for the big hearings with the invitation of foresters, tenants, representatives of municipalities who come in contact with this sphere, the Ministry (MNRE). This question is very properly raised. We have repeatedly discussed this topic. She's one of our priorities. Maybe we are in for the spring session will play a large parliamentary hearings and look at this issue" - summed up Vladimir Volodin.

Continuing the discussion of the Calendar, Sergei Ivanov (LDPR), insisted on the initiation of the Amnesty, the state Duma offered to determine the contributions for the repair at the level of inflation and made other factional initiative; Andrey Isaev (EP) stressed that "we work for the voters" , he said United Russia "has something to say to our voters that we did in February," transferring laws and planned to discuss the initiative.

the resolution of the State Duma adopted, "for" - 352.

the third reading considered and adopted the draft laws:

No. 1013586-6 "On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation on regulation of activities of non-state pension funds" from Committee on financial market recommended the adoption in Dmitry Scrivano.

the Law was passed, "for" - 309.

No. 232097-7 "On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation" (regarding the introduction of mandatory reporting by the lender to the borrower about the debt and the balance of credit limit on consumer credit (loan) provided with use of electronic means of payment).

the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on financial markets Igor Divinsky noted that the bill is aimed at preventing bankruptcies, asked to support.

the Law passed unanimously, "for" - 392.

No. 357029-7 "On amendments to the Federal law "About preparation and carrying out in the Russian Federation of the FIFA world Cup 2018 FIFA, the confederations Cup, FIFA 2017 and amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation".

Introducing the document, the Chairman of the Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Mikhail Degtyarev noted that the bill has passed all the necessary procedures and is ready to be adopted in the third reading.

the Law passed unanimously, "for" - 394.

No. 897418-6 "On amendments to article 26 of the Federal law "On weapons", specifying the list of circumstances under which a legal person issued a permit for the storage, use weapons and ammunition may be revoked by the authorized body in the administrative procedure, is recommended in the third reading, the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee for security and combating corruption Ernest Valeev.

the Law passed unanimously, "for" - 393.

No. 277183-7 "On amendments to article 278 of the Civil procedure code of the Russian Federation and the Federal law "On enforcement proceedings" (recognition of a debtor's maintenance obligations as missing, if his search proved fruitless).

the report of the Chairman of the Committee for state construction and legislation Pavel Vladimirovich Krasheninnikov has reminded that the bill improves the situation of minors.

the Law passed unanimously, "for" - 397.

No. 391551-7 "On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation", extending the term of state registration of rights to objects of individual housing construction in a simplified manner up to March 2020, was requested to take the chair of the Committee on state building and legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov.

the Law passed unanimously, "for" - 395.

No. 287873-7 "On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation in connection with adoption of the Federal law "On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation in part of accounting and improving the provision of social support in terms of the duty of compliance with the targeting principle and application criteria".

In terms of placing information on the available measures of social support to citizens in the Unified state information system of social security for the purposes of interagency cooperation from the Committee on labor, social policy and veterans Affairs recommended the adoption of Tatiana Saprykina recommended.

the Law was passed, Pro - 366.

No. 807163-6 "On amendments to articles 61 and 20 of the Federal law "On lotteries", clarifying the procedure of payment of prizes, from the Committee on budget and taxes recommended the adoption in 3rd reading Sergei Chizhov.

On motives were: Sergey Ivanov, Irina Guseva, Konstantin Zatulin.

the Bill prohibits the dissemination of lottery tickets, including electronic, lottery tickets, receiving lottery bets among persons under the age of 18, as well as the payment, transfer or granting of prizes. However, wins from 15 thousand roubles, the identification of the lottery will be mandatory, and if you win up to 15 thousand rubles is provided for in case of doubt as to his age.

the Law was passed, "for" - 392.

In the first reading the deputies considered the draft Federal law № 340620-7 "On amendments to the Federal law "On insolvency (bankruptcy)" in terms of improving regulation to protect the rights of employees, former employees of the debtor during the bankruptcy case".

the Legislative initiative of the Government presented by Deputy Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation Mikhail Rasstrigin.

According to him, the bill is aimed at protecting the rights of employees in cases where the employer was declared bankrupt. Entitled subjects of Federation and municipal entities in the course of procedures in bankruptcy to repay creditors of the second stage (wage workers). When the region or municipality of creditors of the second turn, the size and priority of their requirements is to be taken into account in the register of requirements of creditors in size and sequence similar to that satisfied their requirements.

As explained by the Rapporteur, such legal mechanisms are already being used to meet the requirements about payment of obligatory payments or all claims against the debtor in the course of certain procedures in the bankruptcy case, and also applied in the case of bankruptcy of the organization-Builder to enable transmission of the object under construction or residential premises.

the Document specifies the purpose and agenda of the meeting of employees (including former) debtor, eliminating the need before each meeting of creditors of the debtor and mandatory such meeting at the request of the employee or the liquidator of the re-election of employee representative. Among participants of meeting workers, former employees of the debtor proposed to include those to whom the debtor has outstanding liabilities for salary and termination benefits.

the Committee on natural resources, property and land relations, Mikhail Bugera, supporting the concept of the bill as "a step in the right direction," listed the risks and inherent dangers of the new raider schemes, and noted that the bill received the support of the tripartite Commission.

the discussion was attended by: Natalia Boeva, Vera Ganza, Nikolai Kolomeitsev, Oleg Shein, Sergei Panteleev, Oleg Smolin, Andrey Alshevskih, Vadim Bulavinov, Michael Tarasenko. Valentin Shurchanov, Andrew Andreychenko. Svetlana Bessarab, Hope Maksimova.

Deputies were interested in, do not turn right at the obligation of the entity to repay the arrears of wages, and will not lead to mass bankruptcies of unscrupulous owners and raider attacks, and also offered a lump sum payment from the Federal budget to repay all this debt in the regions. In addition, members focused on the role of the trade Union proposing to make the bill an obligation of consultation with the unions.

the Deputy Minister of economic development M. Rasstrigin, answering questions, offered to submit them for consideration of the working group established under the Committee on natural resources, property and land relations.

the performances from fractions: Nikolai Nikolaev (EP) stressed the magnitude of working out in the relevant Committee of the legislative base of reform, and this bill, he said, "only a part of this big puzzle", the faction will vote "for" Vladimir Sysoev (LDPR) have indicated that, according to the Federal state statistics service, wage arrears in the country is currently the bole 3.5 billion, it considerably complicates the social situation, as well as, supporting the concept of the bill, outlined some of the observations, in particular, the Government offered to buy out the debts of enterprises; Oleg Shein (SR) drew the attention of colleagues on the Federal list of bankrupt enterprises, thinking that municipalities and regions should be responsible for such a situation and the Finance Ministry and Federal agencies; Nikolai Kolomeitsev (CPRF) gave examples of successful international experience and criticized the arbitration managers; Sergey Panteleev (Communist party) believes that a review of the concept of the law on bankruptcy in the complex.

the Bill passed in the first reading, "for" - 305.