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The Russian delegation has raised in the OSCE PA the issue of infringement of the rights of Russian in Ukraine and the Baltic States

The Russian delegation to the OSCE PA, chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Peter Tolstoy held talks with OSCE high Commissioner on national minorities, Lamberto Zannier. During the meeting, Peter Tolstoy called upon the high Commissioner to avoiding double standards in the work on protection of interests of national minorities.

"We believe that such work can be effective only in case of complete objectivity and the possibility of applying uniform standards without any exceptions to all countries. No double standards – the only way to convince everyone to trust this kind of missions. Recently, we see efforts being made under your leadership, we appreciate them, but, nevertheless, I can not say that for the past 20 years the problems associated with the Russians in the Baltic States, remained outside the attention of the European organizations, in any case, it successfully closed eyes," said Tolstoy during his last meeting.

He also added that it is unacceptable to protect the rights of, for example, only Hungarians and not pay attention to 15 million Russians who will suffer from the adoption of the Ukrainian law on education. "I want to remind you that the civil war in Ukraine broke out because of the language issue," - said Tolstoy.

In turn, Lamberto Zannier said that extremely concerned about this law and sent corresponding letters to the Ministry of education of Ukraine and the State television company, as the policy pursued by the Ukrainian authorities, deprived the national minorities of the opportunity to have even separate programs in their native languages.

"Yesterday I was in Strasbourg and discussed these issues in the Council of Europe, including in the framework of the Venice Commission. I got their support and I know that the Council of Europe and the Venice Commission will continue to work on this issue", - assured the Head.

in addition, the high Commissioner raised the issue of violations of the rights of national minorities in the Baltic States. He expressed concern about discrimination against the Russian language laws in Latvia and the law on the participants of the Second world war, which equates to those members of the Latvian Legion "Waffen SS".

"fortunately, the high Commissioner understands that the adoption of the law on education in Ukraine have a political background, and it prevails over everything else. According to Mr. Zannier, during his visit to Ukraine, he tried to explain the reasons for the adoption of such a law: that Russia is waging war against Ukraine and Russian Ukraine to prove that they are Ukrainians, have to learn the language. Why Russian should prove that they are Ukrainians, not entirely clear. This statement itself is already discriminatory against 1/3 of the Ukrainian society," - said Tolstoy at the end of the meeting.