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The President of Russia initiated the improvement of the legislation regulating activity of RAS

On 24 February the President of Russia Vladimir Putin submitted to the State Duma a draft law №398393-7 "On amendments to the Federal law "On the Russian Academy of Sciences, reorganizing state academies of Sciences and amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation".

the Document is aimed at improving the legislation of the Russian Federation regulating activity of the RAS, taking into account the carried-out reform of the academic sector of science.

the Bill provides for clarification of objectives of Russian Academy of Sciences, its tasks and functions, and powers defined in the current law.

To the end, it is proposed to include forecasting of the main directions of scientific-technological and socio-economic development of the Russian Federation, as well as the scientific and methodological guidance scientific and scientific-technical activity of the scientific organisations and educational institutions of higher education. To problems - conducting funded from the Federal budget for fundamental research and exploratory research, including in the sphere of military-industrial complex in the interests of national defense and state security, as well as the elaboration of the program of fundamental scientific research in the Russian Federation for the long term and its representation to the Government.

the Bill clarifies provisions relating to the submission of the RAS annual report to the President and the Government, as well as details the function of RAS in the field of international cooperation in the sphere of scientific and scientific-technical activities. Provide for the participation of RAS in the organization and support of scientific and educational activities.

To ensure the interaction of the Academy of Sciences with government agencies are encouraged to provide for the right of RAS to send them a proposal on the development of legislation and on matters related to the activities of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and to hold specified public hearings.

in addition, it is proposed that decisions on reorganization, liquidation, change of type of organizations, is administered by the Federal Executive authority, specially authorized by the Government, amendments and additions to the statutes (or the approval of the statutes as amended) these organizations are accepted by agreement with the Russian Academy of Sciences. The bill provides clarification of certain provisions relating to the appointment of heads of such organizations.

the adoption of the law will not entail additional allocations from the Federal budget and would not require recognition of void, suspend, change, or adoption of other acts of Federal legislation.