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Experts suggested deputies to legalize the existing practice of labor education and vocational guidance

The Committee on education and science held a meeting of the working group on the development of initiatives aimed at improving legal regulation of labor education of students.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Committee Lyubov Dukhanina, the question of the legitimacy of socially useful labor was closed after the adoption of the law on volunteering.

"So we closed the question of whether persons on the territory of the Russian Federation to carry out certain activities associated with the labor effort on a grant basis", - said L. Dukhanina.

the Question of legal regulation of labour students within the framework of the basic educational programs still require solutions. L. Dukhanina said that already prepared but not yet formally introduced, the draft of amendments to the law on education.

"Our goal is to expand the possibilities of vocational guidance, basic practical skills of the profession, introducing students to work and independent life", - stated the Deputy.

the Amendments proposed to legislate the right to choose and the right organizations on the implementation of the respective programs.

Then, in addition to matriculation, the student will be able to obtain a certificate of the mechanic or system administrator, said L. Dukhanina.

"it would be Reasonable to include in this kind of work not only schools, colleges, and enterprise and progress in the subject of networking, she said. - The educational organization shall choose, beneath that they have the resources".

the task to convert each educational organization, according to the Deputy, is not put.

the Bill is important and necessary, I'm sure the Chairman of the expert Council for General education and additional education of children when the Committee on education and science, Director of the School named after Marshal Chuikov Alla Inglese.

According to her, in Moscow in 2016 has already implemented the project "Vocational training without borders", in which only for last year more than a thousand students received a certificate of profession.

the Project is designed for students in grades 8-9. Simultaneously with the class in the school the boys attend classes in College that allow you to acquire the profession of a laboratory chemical analysis, operator, unmanned aerial vehicles, pastry chef or hairdresser. Admittance only and persons with disabilities. At the end of the stipulated qualifying exam.

This form of labor education will not only generate interest in the profession, but also to identify the necessary skills, to master practical skills, to obtain first professional experience, the Director of the College of architecture, design and reengineering No. 26 Konstantin Afonin.

the path to the profession is impossible without the enterprise, stated the chief specialist of Department of interaction with the organizations of construction industry of Department of urban planning policy of Moscow Larisa Bodrova.

"the Colleges became interested in the field, but forgot about professions. Meanwhile, 80% of the needs of the construction industry is working," - said the expert.

"turners and millers that come after College to Rostec, the number of marriage in the first year it was 40-45%, - told the head of Department of realization of youth projects of the Russian engineering Union Ilya Garanin. - To work with their hands, they could not".

And then on the "salute" was created base Department, where children have mastered the basics of the profession in the workplace, under the guidance of experienced mentors. Those who have successfully passed the qualifying exam, guaranteed first job and a decent salary.

the discussion also touched on issues of payment and reducing the unnecessary bureaucratic burden on mentors production.

Experts encouraged lawmakers to legalize the new format of the middle school, ensuring each student along with shared and vocational training.