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RECOMMENDATIONS to CITIZENS: the need to pay attention to when buying jewelry?

CULTURE-prava.rf 14.02.2018 at 14:20

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RECOMMENDATIONS to the CITIZENS On what to look for when buying jewelry?

on the eve of 14 February and 8 March, the CPS reminds users what to look for when choosing jewelry.

Jewelry is product of precious metals using different types of artistic processing, with inserts from precious, semiprecious, semi-precious gemstones and other materials of natural or artificial origin or without them, applied as a variety of jewelry, and various utilitarian objects of everyday life and (or) for decorative purposes.

, Especially sales of items made of precious metals and precious stones contained in section VII of the Rules of sale of separate kinds of goods approved by the decree of the government of the Russian Federation of January 19, 1998 n 55 (further – Rules).

made of precious metals and precious stones prior to submission to the trading room must undergo pre-sale preparation, which includes inspection and grading of products, checking the availability of prints of the state assay mark of the Russian Federation and the list of names of the manufacturer or certificate, the safety seals and labels, sorting by size.

the manufacturing stamp is a stamp on the jewelry that puts the manufacturer. The list of names contains information about the manufacturer (individual code), the year of manufacture of the product and territorial inspection the manufacturer.

made of precious metals and precious stones exposed for sale, must be grouped according to their purpose and have sealed labels indicating the name of the product and its manufacturer, precious metal, article, sample, weight, type and characteristics of gem stones prices products.

During the transfer of the purchased goods to the buyer, the seller checks the presence of print of the state assay mark of the Russian Federation and the quality of the print names of manufacturer (for products manufactured), as well as a certificate for faceted natural gemstone.

with the goods is transferred to the buyer a receipt, which shall include the name of the product and the seller, alloy, type and characteristic of a gemstone, part number, sale date and price of the goods, the signature of the person responsible for the sale of goods, and purchased faceted natural gemstones are also transmitted certificates.

For each sold jewelry item should be attached to a sealed label, mandatory containing:

name jewelry,

the name of the manufacturer (importer), logo and address of the manufacturer (importer);

the precious metal from which the product is manufactured, specifying the sample,



size (for rings, chains, bracelets)

types of precious inserts indicating the weight and quality characteristics,

the price of the product.

After purchase be sure to keep cash and receipts and tag.

When you buy jewelry, examine it carefully, look for the stamp assay mark and the names of the manufacturer (if we are talking about the jewellery products of the domestic manufacturer). If the product is imported, the names may be missing, but the imprint of the stamp of inspection of assay supervision of the established sample is mandatory!


Selling jewelry without the imprint of the state assay brands of the Russian Federation, and also prints the names of the manufacturers (for Russian-made products) is not permitted.

the State assay mark - a special mark on the products cokanasiga overlapping or non-mechanical method (electric spark or with a laser), the state inspectorates of assay supervision. It means that the product has been tested at state inspection and has a fineness not lower than indicated in the label.

the State assay mark consists of:

cipher inspection of assay supervision (one letter);

mark of identity, representing a female head in kokoshnik in profile, turned to the right (from 1958 to 1993, a badge of identity was the hammer and sickle on the background of five-pointed stars);

the sign of the sample.

In the Russian Federation established the following samples:

platinum 950, 900, 850

gold– 999, 958, 750, 585, 500, 375

silver– 999, 960, 925, 875, 830, 800;

palladium – 850, 500.

with the Exception of jewelry and other items made of silver of domestic production with mass up to 3 grams (without inserts) the sale of which is permitted without the imprint of the state assay mark.

In accordance with the Rules of jewelry of proper quality to return or exchange are not subject.

However, in case of detection in the goods of shortcomings, if they have not been stipulated by the seller, the buyer at its discretion may demand:

to replace the product,

to repair the product, at seller's expense,

to return the goods and get paid for the goods amount.

On the tags of jewelry with inlays of precious stones (diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires) should be specified, their characteristics (color and frequency), and mass for semi-precious - Topaz, amethysts, chrysolites, garnets - specifies the weight of the insert without any features of pure.

In accordance with GOST R 52913-2008 "Diamonds. Classification. Technical requirements" marking on the tag jewelry with inlays of diamonds can look like the following:

1Br Kr57-0,470-4/6A.

the numerals denote the following:

1Br - the number of diamonds in the product, in this version, it one.

Kr57 - form cut, in this case round 57 facets.

0,470 - the total weight of the stones in carats

4/6A - characteristics of the groups of color /quality defects, the geometric parameters.

the Figure to the features means color, and larger it is, the more yellow the color is crystal. The second digit indicates the transparency of the stone. Only artificial stones are completely transparent. Any natural stone has cracks, foreign inclusions, flaws that are only visible under a magnifying glass or microscope.

For precious stones in the form of inserts in jewelry certificate is not required, it replaces the tag.

the Sale of loose (i.e. not in the jewelry) cut diamonds made from natural diamonds and faceted emeralds is carried out only at presence of the certificate on each stone or set (batch) of the sold stones.

Certified faceted gems (diamonds and emeralds) are Packed in standard packing.

the certificate of compliance attached to a certified granennomu stone guarantees the consumer the authenticity of the gemstone and the accuracy of the qualitative and quantitative characteristics.

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