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A new trend in Instagram

Not so long ago was a fashion show of Gucci. This company is one of the most popular at the world level. The Gucci designers always know how to amaze your audience and come up with interesting, challenging shows. At this time, the show also has not done a single excavation point at the end of the runway. Mark was surprised by the fact that their models took to the catwalk with his head in his hands. It surprised and wowed the audience that had an impact on Instagram

After showing the news spread across the Internet, and a shocking display looked, perhaps, all and Sundry. With this idea even got a flash mob. Users have begun to publish a photo with the casts of their heads (or friends, as this photo to make it easier), some resorted to photoshop, did some dummies. But the process is not so important, Cartier managed to start a new (maybe temporary), but still the trend on the vast social network.

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