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App Vero become popular in America

App Instagram is considered one of the fastest growing. Indeed, in the vast social network every day becomes more and more users. Some publish their photos using social. network as a virtual photo album, and some become bloggers, share what you know and earn money. And it's worth noting for a long time, Instagram was not a real competitor, but with the advent of app Vero something has changed.

the Application launched in 2015 and for a long time no one took him seriously (and even more as a competitor to Instagram ). In the official App store (which works on iOS devices) the app became the most downloaded.

Vero quite similar to Instagram. Namely, the application also gives you the opportunity to post your photos, have your profile, subscribe and follow your friends and communicate with each other. But the developers themselves call the difference is that in SOC. the network does no advertising.

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