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Chemist Catherine Bereaved work in the Harvard and max Planck Institute, the Russian science and the prospects for a new field at the interface of chemistry and IT

News Universiteta ITMO 12.02.2018 at 10:05

News Universiteta ITMO

In my scientific career, Catherine's Sorrow had worked in four countries. Educated in Minsk, she continued research at the max Planck Institute, where he led the group and worked on the development of smart biomaterials. While at Harvard she worked in the group of the most cited chemist in the world George Whitesides on several fundamental projects, including the famous Origins of life. Now Catherine's Sorrow is a Professor at the ITMO University and leads his own group in Russia in the chemical and biological cluster, created a year and a half ago. Among the key projects of the lab — creating dynamic materials for optics, development of biochips that are able to diagnose a wide range of diseases, and fundamental research in the area of information storage by means of chemical systems. About work in the largest universities of the world and move to Russia, a key research and also about why to combine chemical and IT, she said in an interview with ITMO.NEWS.