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Review of the film "Beyond reality" Reviews 01.03.2018 at 09:32

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Vigorous mixture of "ocean's eleven", "the Illusion of deception" and kolanowska "Beginning", only with our artists (plus Banderas); "visionary" approach, but a weak script.

"Beyond reality", Russia, dir. Alexander Boguslavsky, starring: Milos Bikovich, Aristarchus of wines, Evgeniy Stychkin, Yuriy Chursin, Love Aksenov, Sergey Astakhov (I), Nikita Gubanov, Petar Zekavica, Antonio Banderas.

Crook Michael needs to regain his priscillia casino five million. Time it - only a week, but because of the speed he decides to disrupt the much-needed Kush with the help of people with extraordinary abilities. Major Eric, for example, move objects, the taxi driver Tony manages appliances, crazy Kevin the hypnotist. There are still a grandma, mind-reading, is that Michael at first thinks not to take it, but then still invites you to her granddaughter Veronica. "The fact that we are not banned because no one believes that this is possible", - he outlines the problem, from time to time but says nothing about possible negative consequences: "I Promise it will be fun."

the Trailer of the movie "Beyond reality"

"Beyond reality" is a very ambitious (few other things, so he also filmed in English), but completely unoriginal the film is a vigorous mixture of "ocean's eleven", "the Illusion of deception" and kolanowska the Beginning, only with Russian (and Serbian) artists besides the downed proportions. "I'm cool, I'm a world champion," the tunes here, one of the characters, and that's exactly with the same words, sure, worked, and the whole crew; the Champions, as we know, are not judged (as long as not caught doping).

"the Challenges are great as long as you are able to solve them," says a character in Antonio Banderas (!), this phrase can also be taken out of context and to describe its situation in our movie - which, which is nice, so firmly on their feet, which often allows himself to use foreign idols. No need to endlessly talk about that, we are able to challenge Hollywood; it is necessary to take and throw. And, after hypnotizing the viewer with his art, to convince him that when we want to, we can not worse.

the scene from the movie "Beyond reality"

And, in principle, Yes, you can. On the big blockbuster "Beyond reality", of course, does not pull, but to compare it with the production of class "B" is quite possible. Great this movie will not be called, but the base too. Although the direction of the sparks does not Shine (most creative solutions gives trivial), and artists don't mind (Yuri Chursina so simply frankly pathetic: a couple of years he's forty, and he's fooling around), but does not take away the fact that sweeping ambitions are still backed by the hell-how but the ability.

And let declared "the vision" and looks student (why are only the "glazing" of the eye), but it is an attempt (pardon that awkward) to do what we have not done. Each of the skills of the heroes accompanied by his visuals: we are inside these extraordinary powers, "dive" into the subconscious of gifted characters. Naive, Yes - but more recently, in the Russian cinema and this was not.

the scene from the movie "Beyond reality"

However, the problem is that this desire to convince us a visual approach there is no desire in advance to coordinate all the parts of the story, convincing us with quality stories. That is just very it's expensive to indulge in swimming, without having a really solid script. What is that movie about the robbery or about the underworld, about sleight of hand or superpowers?.. What brings all these people together - just one smile miloš Bykowicz? What does Banderas?.. (That is, it is something he got a fee, but the film actor is for the name on the poster.)

"You believe me?" - at the crucial moment asks Michael Veronica, and she confidently answers Yes. The audience certainly will not be so complacent: no, we do not believe neither in conditional actions, no sketchy characters. Lot of questions, but to deal with them is unlikely to succeed; surely we are waiting for the truth and now the second series is as chaotic?..

an Interview with Antonio Banderas for the movie "Beyond reality"

will the "Beyond reality" the "door in the wall", about which, remembering the story of Hg wells, says the character Banderas? Unlikely. But certain horizons, the picture opens. At least we can count on the fact that at mistakes someone will learn to next time to really hit our imagination.

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