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Dress with the smell. The perfect summer "look" 01.03.2018 at 06:25

Who invented the wrap dress and what is it?

wrap Dress or as it is called, dress smell of this dress, one part of which, like a robe, wraps himself on top of the other, and keeps all this simple design thanks to the belt sewn on both sides of the dress.

the First mention of this kind of dresses met back in the 1930s, but it really gained popularity and success among millions of women worldwide only after 43 years, in 1973. Thanks, then still only a novice designer and designer Diane von Furstenberg dress at the smell became known to the whole world. Initially, Diana made the top smell, but so this idea really resonated with her that Furstenberg didn't stop there and used the same technique in creating the dresses. History and stats say that only for the first year after dress at the smell came in the Windows, it has sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide. This result and the turnover is not surprising because, first, dress the smell was very feminine, and secondly, not constrain movements and was very comfortable.

Diane von Furstenberg dress with a wrap with strands of pearls

Diane von Furstenberg on the cover of a fashion magazine and popular model dress of her brand

Yellow MIDI dress with thin straps at the smell, a black clutch and black-and-yellow sandals

Short mini wrap dress floral straw cross body

Purple long wrap dress, black sandals and handbag

Floral Maxi dress with wrap and plunging neckline

Black dress with the smell long sleeve applique + white shoes

Green wrap dress in a cage and yellow bag

Who can wear a wrap dress?

wrap Dress, as practice shows, suitable for all the girls and women of all ages, build and height.

— Thanks to its cut, this dress visually transforms any shape into a recognized standard of beauty – hourglass.

— the owner of lush hips can not be afraid that they will look bulky since the dress the smell will smooth out this time and will balance the proportions. The same applies to girls with broad shoulders and narrow hips.

— Well this Board will fit girls with a short neck, because due to the V neckline will lengthen it and it will create a harmonious image. And ladies with Swan neck this dress is very beautifully presented, emphasizing grace and become.

— Thanks to the belt tied on waist, it will look like finely chiselled and attractive.

— we All know that low the girls do not wear dresses to the floor on a flat course, as it will visually make them even lower and more squat, but with the dress with the smell is another story. Again, thanks to the V neckline and the whole outline is drawn and balanced. Thus, dress smell can wear fashionistas from small to large.

— Perhaps the only taboo for such a dress is tired of the age cleavage, as it is it pretty open. Otherwise, no restrictions.

Bright striped wrap dress, deep neckline and thin straps

Red Maxi dress with a wrap with floral print sleeves flounced

Yellow floral mini wrap dress and the hair gathered in a sloppy beam

Blue Maxi dress with wrap and sudovye sandals

Pendants, hat and black dress with a star print on smell

wrap Dress in a blue and white scheme, red bag and blue shoes

Wine wrap dress and white flowers brown bag and sandals

White hat with black ribbon, candy bag and sandals, black and white wrap dress

pale blue Maxi wrap dress and deep cleavage, Nude sandals flat and bright bag

Black cross body black shoes + a laconic white dress on the scent collar

Bright coral Maxi dress with a wrap with long sleeves and a black clutch bag

Nodosae light dress on the smell with a star print and chunky earrings

Velour pale pink wrap dress, gold necklace and black handbag

Yellow Maxi dress wrap beige handbag and sandals in skin tone

How to wear a wrap dress?

Any dress itself self-sufficient and in fact is already a ready way, can only pick up the necessary accessories. But which of them will look best with the dress the smell is just below:

— the smell of dresses in floral print, especially Maxi length, great look sandals with woven wedge heels or flat sandals, a straw wide-brimmed hat, and ethnic jewelry.

— short dresses on smell can be put on light espadrilles, sandals, moccasins, ballet flats or even sneakers, for example, with denim.

— Knitted monochrome dresses match well with stiletto pumps and sleek handbags in soothing tones. This way, provided a shallow neckline, it can be office option.

Given V neckline dresses on the scent opens before us a field for fantasies of neck jewelry. Especially harmoniously and organically will look long pendants on a thin chain or a pretty massive necklace triangular shape, especially a good tandem with ethnic dresses colors. If you for some reason don't wear jewelry, then you can safely resort to the use of scarves, just note that they colors match well with the dress color.

But if you want to add to the image of earrings (by the way, especially the long earrings will look good with the dress the smell), in this case it is better not to overload the chest area decorations.

Asymmetrical floral wrap dress and grey sandals with strap

a Short dress to the smell of denim with embroidery, a gold pendant and a beige clutch bag

Purple dress with a wrap with bare shoulders, black bag and black shoes with laces

Dress in peas with the smell in the floor and capacious black bag

Corporal sandals and a short dress for the smell in the red range of long sleeve

Asymmetrical floral dress with long sleeve in dark tones and sudovye sandals

Mini wrap dress in black and white plaid and pleating on the sleeves + a massive round earrings

Red shoes and dress in scent in shades of green with small print

Bright blue dress with a wrap with floral print, mirrored sunglasses and a beige bag with tassel

Black long wrap dress and a deep neckline, black sandals and a gold clutch

Brown sandals, and a white MIDI dress with a wrap with decorative rings and a blue clutch bag book

Blue asymmetric wrap dress and sandals to match the flowers on the dress

White dress with the smell of dusty pink flowers, handbag and shoes to match the print on it

Red Maxi wrap dress, gold solid bracelet, clutch bag, embroidered sandals

Types of dresses with the smell

Summing up the theme of dresses with the smell, I would like to say a few words about its types in order to simplify the choice for the next purchase.

so, by color, there are such dresses with smell:

— Solid. Especially good for every day and for work, including in the office.

is printed, often floral. Such models dresses look great in the summer, on vacation, on a cruise, at the seaside or during warm evening walks, but did not pass on the dress code for work, which, in turn, will not think about simply dresses in a small cage.

the length of the dress with the smell are:

— Mini. This length is valid for owners of taut, fragile or sports figures. And is completely contraindicated for girls with curvaceous.

MIDI. Great length for women of any height and weight.

— Maxi. These dresses can also be worn to all types of shapes. Plain long dress will be elegant and appropriate to look at the solemn event, but a Maxi with flowers will be a wonderful choice for everyday summer life.

As you can see, every fashionista can choose the most optimal dress with the smell, or maybe more than one!;)

Black-and-white dress at the smell long sleeve, massive earrings, a black clutch and shoes with black toe

White long wrap dress, tucked away in a bun hair and black glasses

a Gray dress with a wrap with the purple flowers and sandals in the same tone

Blue dress to the smell with a deep neckline, small pendant and sunglasses

Hat and sandals in beige, blue wrap dress and a floral print

Wine Maxi dress with a wrap with long sleeves and black sandals with thin straps

Striped dress smell and plaid beach bag

Maxi dress smell with flowers and Nude sandals with lace-up

Flower wrap dress in soft colours, lots of bracelets in ethnic style, and brown shoes

Sandals-gladiators, pendant, and gold bracelets + Maxi wrap dress in blue

Black wrap dress and floral print + brown sandals

Black wrap dress, beige bag and rough sandals

Black dress to smell in small white print, capacious woven bag and sunglasses

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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