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How to choose and what to wear with loafers 02.03.2018 at 08:07

Where did loafers and what is it?

In 1930 the family Spalding engaged in the manufacture of shoes in new Hampshire started making shoes called "loafers," the pre-inspired loafers from Norway. Four years later, in 1934, a well-known shoemaker George bass opened the production of his own line of loafers under the name Weejuns.

Originally these shoes were worn only at home and only men, but after some time, due to its convenience and decent appearance loafers confidently stepped into the streets, and on both, men and women's legs.

still, what is a loafer?

a Loafer is a kind of shoes that have a resemblance to moccasins, but unlike them, made with hard soles, and in most cases, models with a chunky heel.

1966. British actor Peter sellers in loafers from Gucci

1959 Cannes. Alain Delon in Gucci loafers

1999. In Gucci loafers walking Matt Damon

What are the different types of loafers?

so, the majority of all loafers can be divided into the following types:

— Classic or as they are called, Venetian loafers. They look exactly like moccasins, but with a hard sole and a low chunky heel, do not have any decorative elements.

— penny-loafers. This is a classic loafer which is sewn on top of a decorative strip, usually leather, with a narrow cut in a diamond shape. And they have this name because in the 50-ies of the students to stand out, started to put in these slots a coin.

— the Loafer with tassels. Initially this model was invented for sailors, but, like all good notions, went beyond their own borders and to date, has conquered all the world capitals of fashion.

— the Loafer with buckle or Gucci loafers. One of the most popular models from 1970 to this day. This loafer, decorated with metal buckle, most of the gold shade in the shape of a snaffle bit. Thanks to shoes designer houses Gucci, loafers have become very popular among the celebrities, singers and Actresses.

Classic or Venetian loafers

penny loafers

Loafers with tassels

Loafers with buckle or loafer Gucci

— the Loafer heel. Most often it is a model penny, tassel or a buckle on an exceptionally massive heel from 3 to 11 centimeters.

— the Loafer wedges. This loafers is one of the youngest, but rapidly popular among street fashionistas. Wedge is most often done in black and white and made of wood.

also loafers can be divided into types depending on the material of manufacture:

— Leather. They are the most practical and versatile footwear.

— Suede. Suitable for areas with dry, warm climate, no rain, because suede is a very delicate material.

Lacquer. More festive option, require perfect Shine and special care.

Loafers heels

Loafers wedge

How to choose the loafers?

— Based on your budget and place of residence (including climate), decide which material suits you best: leather, lacquer and suede.

— the loafer Shoes on both feet, please note that the shoes do not sting, as they are not posted and will not become freer. It is best trying them on a deal or thin socks.

— don't forget to check the absence of defects not only in the Shoe itself, but also on the decorative elements, all their parts are tightly locked, etc.

— it is also worth noting that the black loafers are versatile other colors. And brown, regardless of the color scheme of the wardrobe, is perfect for owners of red hair color.

Jacket khaki, grey sweater, black cropped pants and loafers wine

Beige coat, a black turtleneck, pants and loafers with buckle

White shirt, jeans and red loafers heels

Costume pajama style with a floral print and classic loafer

Blue scarf, grey jacket, vest, blue jeans and loafers wine

Total black loafers with buckle Gucci

White shirt, pink Trouser suit and black loafers to match the hair

Black-and-white kit and black loafers heels

Beige sweater, jeans and brown loafers with tassels

White shirt with scarf on the neck, black short trousers and red loafers with high heels

what to wear With women's loafer?

You have decided on the model, select an appropriate option, but still in doubt about buying, as I don't know what to wear loafers? Then we offer you several options, after which all doubts will disappear;)

— the Loafer will perfectly fit into the everyday casual image consisting of jeans and a shirt, with a jacket or cardigan.

— go Perfectly and they will with pants off, the ankle, for example, such a popular model chinos.

— do Not forget about the pantsuits, in classic calm colours, or bright mix of solids and prints options. In this case, you will be able to choose absolutely any loafers. However, low girls, it is desirable to give preference to loafers, wedges or heels, and the winner of the model of growth can easily choose the shoes to go low.

— feel free to create them with images of shirts, blouses, sweaters, cardigans, jackets and coats. But as on-trend bomber jacket better to defer, since they are all from different stylistic directions.

— will look Great mini dress A-silhouette and loafer-penny or tassel.

— the sheath Dress paired with Gucci loafers on the heel create a chic and feminine look.

— length Skirts, mini and MIDI paired with loafers will create around you the atmosphere of femininity and add a touch of retro era.

— In hot weather, choose short shorts and a blouse with the top buttons undone, bright scarf at the neck and loafers in bright colours.

If you want to visually add growth, but for some reason, avoid shoes with heels, in a pair of black loafers select tight black tights that will visually add a few inches to grow. Of course, this technique is more relevant in the cold season.

the Black jacket and sweater, blue jeans and black loafers with buckle

Total white and leopard print loafers with tassels

oversized sweater, cropped jeans and loafers from Gucci heels

Beige coat and sweater, blue jeans and red loafers

Black turtleneck, grey pants and black penny loafers

Denim shirt, black waist and brown classic loafers

Coat color of caramel, wine cardigan, black jeans and loafers on a small heel

Black coat, white shirt, caramel scarf, blue jeans and black loafers with buckles

Total black loafers heels

White sweater, black pants and patent loafers

Denim shirt and skirt, a striped waistcoat and a wine loafers heels

a Brown shirt and loafers with tassels tone on tone, black pants

White t-shirt, brown jacket, gray coat, ripped jeans and silver loafers with tassels

Black t-shirt, blue jeans and a wine lacquer loafers heels

Alexa Chung short dress with print and loafers high heel

oversized sweater, jeans and Gucci loafers with embroidery

Katie Holmes in a caramel sweater, salmon trousers and loafers heels

White shirt, black jacket, blue jeans, red handbag, and loafer heels in her tone

Dusty-pink sweater, khaki trousers and black loafers heels

Coat over the bed, bag LV blue jeans and loafers with tassels on the heel

Red jacket, white shirt, cropped jeans and Golden penny loafer heel

Beige Trouser suit, white blouse and bright loafers wedge

leather Jackets, mini-skirt and black patent leather loafers wedge

Beige hat and cardigan, white shirt, ripped jeans and beige lacquer loafers wedge

a Knitted dress, thick black tights and brown loafers heels

Black coat, pants and clutch blue striped shirt and black patent leather loafers wedge

Denim shirt, a black jumper, trousers and patent loafers

a Shirt, sweater, jacket, jeans and patent penny loafers

Grey jacket, black blouse, shopper bag, pants and leather penny loafers

t-Shirt, MIDI skirt and black loafers wedge

Beige mini dress, black clutch and patent loafer wedge heels

White shirt, black jeans and nuzova bag with penny - loafers

what to wear With men's loafers?

Perhaps, men can wear loafers with anything except for a tracksuit. However, for inspiration here are a few options:

— a Classic pantsuit and loafers black or Vice versa – a bright, and perhaps printed model.

— A bright costume with black lacquer loafers, or penny loafers with tassels.

— Jeans, t-shirt, for example, blue, brown loafers and a belt to match them.

— White Polo, shorts and loafers in bright colours.

— as accessories would be appropriate: the shawls in my jacket pocket, hat with narrow brim, a watch with a leather strap, the bag-portfel, wide belt, a tie or even suspenders.

As you can see, loafer shoes is very diverse, and the creation of an image entirely depends only on your imagination!

the Pale-purple shirt, white pants and brown loafers with tassels

Grey jacket, white shirt, brick tie and pants with black loafers with tassels

White shirt, black pants with suspenders and black loafers

Blue shirt, brown belt, white shorts and beige loafers with buckle

White shirt, suit large red cage and black loafers from Gucci

emerald shirt, beige pants, brown belt and wine loafers with tassels

White shirt, yellow tie, black blazer and belt, white pants and black suede loafers with tassels

Shirt in military style, grey pants, black belt and patent penny loafers

a Pale blue shirt, blue shorts with white print sky blue loafers with tassels

Black jacket and tie, white shirt and green pants, a brown satchel and suede penny loafers

White shirt, khaki pants, brown belt and loafers with tassels in the same tone

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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