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Vladimir Zhirinovsky: Russia's Economy needs to be transport, energy and agricultural

According to the results of the annual message of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation the leader of fraction of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has shared his opinion that it is necessary to do first for the full development of the country. The leader of LDPR is convinced that the President should pay special attention to the development of the transport economy, energy and food sector.

Russia should use own vast territory, says Vladimir Zhirinovsky, it is necessary to develop the transport component, especially in the regions. Need to build new roads. We need our economy to make the vehicle, it is our most important advantage over competitors, he said.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky reminded that such distances and such roads as we have, anywhere in the world. We can transport cargo over great distances. Russia may provide transportation of goods from the Pacific to the Atlantic. We need to build tens of thousands of kilometers of Railways, roads, to develop a fiber optic link. This should be among the priorities for the implementation of the head of state, said the Chairman of the liberal democratic party.

"we Have huge distances, it must be borne in mind. Also we have the most energy. We have to pay attention. In addition, you need to think about food – millions of people starving around the world, in Russia, we can't let that happen. We can feed our entire country, sending on the export of the surplus products", - summed up Vladimir Zhirinovsky.