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The father tried to save the hospital, but came to court

Radio Liberty 03.03.2018 at 14:00

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A resident of the village Yazykovo Nizhny Novgorod region Alexander Bylinkin opposed the closure of the only pil'ninskoe in the district hospital. Bylinkin collected signatures of local residents, wrote letters to Putin and Medvedev, talked about the problem of Federal TV channels. On his page in social network “Vkontakte” activist published on behalf of the residents of the district post with the criticism of the pil'ninskoe head of the district Sergey Bochkanov: “In the area reduced the routes of municipal buses. As a result, for some people, the hospital and other institutions in the area became virtually inaccessible. New kindergartens are built, closed the orphanage in Kurmysh. Looking at all this, the majority of young people make for themselves is the only conclusion from the area have to leave and seek shelter elsewhere. And those who still live, creak from the pain and weakness of teeth, seeing how the local authorities act and fattens on municipal money, and the life of people is getting worse and worse.” The authors of the post repeatedly referred to the statements of Putin about the need to increase the birth rate. People's patience is not endless “What can one President against this Horde of idlers and scoundrels? One President can not do anything. But people's patience is not unlimited. It's time for the President to exercise their authority to disperse the villains, and the people he'd helped and supported him” – so ends the post. In response, the head of pil'ninskoe district Sergey Bochkanov filed for Bylinkina in court. “Began a persecution of those who defended the hospital in the area. Started with Bylinkina” is written in the petition in defense of the activist. In pil'ninskoe district and lives more than fifteen thousand people, – says Bylinkin Radio Liberty. – In our maternity hospital delivered women from the administrative center of Piliny and surrounding villages. Everyone was happy with the quality of care and the attitude of doctors. My three children were born in the hospital. At the end of 2017, the hospital decided to “optimize”, to put it simply, close. The local authorities didn't even let any of us know about such an important event. We learned about the closure of the maternity ward of the post of one of the residents of our district. Doctors at the local hospital this information was confirmed. We understand that it is necessary to save the hospital. Began to carry out the action. – Went to meetings? – No, unfortunately, the rallies in Russia under a ban. We came to the Deputy head on social issues and said that it will collect signatures for a petition against the closure of the hospital. Asked not to interfere in this. She confirmed that the hospital is closed, and said that our actions do not like local authorities. The signatures we collected in the stores “Pyaterochka” and “Magnet” in the district center Pilna, went home. More three thousand people signed a petition against the closure of the hospital. If we had polled the surrounding villages, then signatures would be more. And began to attract public attention to our problem. Two Federal TV channel has filmed scenes on the closure of the hospital. We were deceived, stroked on the head, before the election so we do not revolt then we were visited by officials from the Ministry of health of the Nizhny Novgorod region. We met with them and the head of the district Sergey Bochkanov. Residents were promised until the eighth of March this year in a former hospital to make the obstetric-gynecological Department with round the clock duty medical staff. There must be work and women's consultation. This allocated money. But I recently learned that the administration of our district has made new estimates for four million rubles. Money it does not emit. So we've been fooled, stroked on the head, before the election that we not rebelled. The hospital was closed. And obstetrics today is a pair of beds in the Department of purulent surgery of pil'ninskoe hospital. You explained why he decided to close the hospital? Said that it is unprofitable, there is no necessary equipment. Parturient women now sent to the hospital of the city of Sergach. But to get there a few tens of kilometers. From forty to one hundred, depending on the remoteness of the location. For example, from the village Yazykovo, where we live, to the city fifty miles by car. On very bad roads. In rainy or snowy weather, there is a risk of getting stuck. It is easy to imagine what such a situation for women and children may end. We were told that the hospital be closed to reduce infant mortality. But our hospital was a very good bill. There came to birth from the neighboring regions and even from Nizhny Novgorod. – What the head of the district filed in court? – We published on my page in social network “Vkontakte” post about the problems of our district. We have closed the school, can establish the garbage collection, the number of public transport reduced. We wrote that local authorities are not working in the interests of the district. The head of the district didn't like what I did in the post called enemy of the President and the people. How Bochkanov not called enemy, if the President said that the hospital needs to be saved? Bochkanov object that has no relationship to health. But by law, Bochkanov responsible for everything that happens in pil'ninskoe area. In addition, Bochkanov Secretary of the party "United Russia" in our area. The head reported me to the court on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation and demands compensation for moral damages in the amount of one hundred thousand. The article I deleted in the middle of January after a meeting with the officials when we promised to keep the obstetrics unit. After the match, Bochkanov I shook his hand, thanked him, saying, you did what could not the administration. And after a month sued. I think he did it, because I can not differently to pressure. I'm on the state do not work, the parties do not belong. I will not be intimidated. In your region usually intimidate activists? – In our hospital there is a long optimization, reduce the medical staff. But doctors are silent. When our area came from the Federal channels to remove the story of the closure of the hospital, medical staff said that they did not give interviews. Called "top" and say that they are the signatures burned and never came out After we began to fight for the hospital, the residents of vorotynsky district of Nizhny Novgorod region, where he closed the hospital, they began to collect signatures. But Vorotyntseva quickly silenced mouths. Called "top" and say that they are the signatures burned and no longer stick out. Residents vorotynsky district ceased to defend the hospital because he feared for his safety. I asked mothers to give interviews or to write a complaint. Women do not agree. Most people are afraid to fight for their rights because they do not want to lose the last. – Why are you not afraid? Officials are people, they have nothing to fear – I am a deeply religious Orthodox people. Fear only God. Officials are people, they have nothing to fear. We have a right to health and to freedom of expression. Have the right to the truth. Bochkanov wants me on his page in the social network wrote a retraction and apologized. To apologize I don't have anything. He should apologize for the omission, for withholding information from people. No respect for people. If people give anonymously Express their opinion, that is the horror that. Rebuttal I write only by court order. And then publish a new post that I disagree. After the eighth of March we will send a statement to the Prosecutor. And we will ensure that the promised meeting with officials was made. Review written Radio Liberty gave the head of the pil'ninskoe district Secretary of the party "United Russia" Sergei Bochkanov: "I filed a lawsuit on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation and compensation of moral harm to the citizen Bylinkina, which is on the page in social network "Vkontakte" and in the community, the administrator of which he is, posted the article “Enemies of the President and the people.” It Bylinkin sets out information that is untrue, discrediting my honor, dignity and business reputation. Provocative, the content of the publication, its focus on the creation of social tension in society, puts the readers who do not know about these facts of reality, negative opinion and damage my business reputation. Evidence of the reliability of distributed information neither in this article nor later citizen by Bylinkina A. M. was not presented. In order to protect my honor, dignity and business reputation in the pil'ninskoe district court of Nizhny Novgorod region were sent the statement of claim in which asked court to recognize common by Bylinkina A. M. information not corresponding to reality, discrediting the honour, dignity and business reputation, to oblige Bylinkina A. M. to disprove them information through publication of refutation, as well as compensate moral damages in the amount of 100,000 (one hundred thousand) rubles 00 kopecks. This amount, as indicated in the text of the statement of claim in the future will be handed over to the Social shelter for children gku "SRCN “Spring” pil'ninskoe district."

22 February 2018 in the course of the hearing a citizen Bylinkin A. M. confirmed the fact of belonging to him, specified pages in the social network, the fact of the publication of data and their authorship to the disputed article, and also pointed out the fact of distribution by the contested information in other online resources of the Internet. In addition, the court in the present civil case, the citizen Bylinkina A. M. it was proposed to conclude an amicable agreement on the terms of publication by Bylinkina A. M. articles refuting information in the same way, which was published the impugned article and persuade me stated requirements about compensation of moral harm in full volume". In a telephone conversation Sergei Bochkanov told Radio Liberty that he does not consider himself an enemy of the people and the President: – I Have work experience of 33 years. I haven't been abroad, but he served in the army and worked all my life. I am not an enemy of the people, a patriot of his country. I love children of all without exception, and love people. – Why pil'ninskoe the district closed the hospital? Whether or not what officials promised residents? Is not closure of the hospital and the modernization of his work. For 2017 in obstetric paragraph pil'ninskoe district was taken in 177 genera, and forty percent of them from residents of other areas. Now women who are expecting a baby, propose to implement this long-awaited procedure at a higher level of quality in the perinatal center of the city of Sergach. Emergency childbirth will be taken to the hospital of the city of Pilna. Not obstetrics and purulent surgery to combine In the regional office of "United Russia" in Nizhny Novgorod said that "the party takes the situation in control and will monitor its development". – I am now on treatment in a gynecology Department pil'ninskoe hospital. It is now located in the Department of purulent surgery – says a resident of pil'ninskoe district, mother Elena Aleksandrova. – Pregnant women who are in the same room with me, suffer. Well, because it is impossible obstetrics and purulent surgery combine! Obstetrician-gynecologists in our hospital – high-level professionals. And it's a shame that they are forced in such circumstances to work. They say that pregnant women in our area there. Lies, in our area very much pregnant. Here's five minutes before your call I was talking with pregnant women. We discussed that recently the residents of our district began labors on the way to the hospital Sergach. We are very disappointed in this story. Women said that the behaviour of officials leads them to despair.