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Serge Gainsbourg: don't forget to forget me

Radio Liberty 04.03.2018 at 07:19

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In the fifty-eighth and fifty-ninth editions of the "Music for Freedom" – memories of the work of French musician Serge Gainsbourg. Rock critic Artemy Troitsky enthusiastically tells of the approaching jubilee of the "great singer, composer, incredible man, one of the most talented, most unusual, colorful characters of the popular music of the twentieth century". April 2 marks the 90th anniversary since the birth of Gainsbourg. He died exactly 27 years ago, in early March 1991. Parents Serge Gainsbourg arrived in France from the Russian Empire, called born in 1922, son of Lucien, his name was initially Ginsburg. He grew up and changed a couple of letters in the spelling of surnames, after the English painter Thomas Gainsbourg – though he never renounced his Jewish-Russian origin. From the same name Serge, which Lucien invented for himself. In this and the next issue of "Music free" we look at his amazing songs performed by his friends and admirers. During his life, Gainsbourg had written 550 songs. Many of them played myself, but about half were performed by other artists, mostly women. With many of these lovely ladies Gainsbourg, the famous heartthrob was, as they say, relationships. Not an exception and Brigitte Bardot, a novel which happened in the second half of 1967 and early 1968. At the time, Gainsbourg wrote for her two album with lots of songs, lots of hits: "Bonnie and Clyde" and "Ford Mustang", for example. The song I chose is called in honor of the motorcycle "Harley Davidson". Albums this song not included, it only went on numerous "collections", and originally it was a single. Another singer, which, however, Gainsbourg seems to be the novel was not, – françoise Hardy, an outstanding representative of the style "e-e". For her Serge Gainsbourg arranged American melody: he was not only a composer and lyricist, but also a wonderful arranger too, very often the songs of other writers in his treatment sounded an absolutely new way, often much more effectively. The treatment has been not only popular melodies and themes of classical music. In this case we are talking about the song "How to say goodbye. Was this American instrumental piece, Gainsbourg at the request of françoise Hardy wrote the lyrics and arranged the music, it turned out amazing! Record 1968. France gall – another French singer, representative of the style of youth music "e-e", which recorded several hits with Gainsbourg. That is the cutest song, here is one of them, became in 1965 the winner of the contest "Eurovision". France gall represented not France but Monaco and won. "Doll of wax, doll talking". The next song, you will probably known as it is incredibly beautiful and very famous. It takes the main woman in the life of Gainsbourg, English actress and singer Jane Birkin. Gainsbourg and Birkin met in 1968, they had a very passionate and at the same time a very public affair. Recorded Gainsbourg with Jane Birkin, his most famous song "I love you... and I'm no more", and the second side of the single was just a song that I'll introduce, she is called "Jane "Bi". This is the case when the borrowed Gainsbourg's classic melody, the melody of Frederic Chopin's prelude number four in e minor. Incredibly beautiful and incredibly sad song. Jane Birkin lists actually help Jane so-and-so, born then, English, eyes a certain color, the hair is so-so. And at the end of the phrase: found dead on the road. From Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin in 1971, a daughter, Charlotte. Had Gainsbourg and earlier, and later children. When she was 15 years old, dad Gainsbourg wrote her a whole album called "Charlotte forever" and made a film under the same name. From the film and album the song "Elastic". By the way, in the same 1986 Gainsbourg was born the youngest child, a son, Lucien, named after a failed Pope. He is more known worldwide as Lula, also have been recording music. Zizi Jammer – not a singer, a dancer, a famous dancer, wife, incidentally, of the great French choreographer Roland Petit. And here Zizi Jammer in their theatrical shows singing different songs of Serge Gainsbourg. It is believed that more than Janmar, songs of Gainsbourg in the repertoire was only Jane Birkin. That's 1977 album, "Bobino", the so-called one of the largest in Paris, the concert halls, the song "the vamp and the vampire". This song gave the name to the collection from which I borrowed the record Brigitte Bardot and françoise Hardy. Gainsbourg and Birkin split in 1980. Gainsbourg, judging by everything, was inconsolable, to the same effect his eternal addiction to alcoholism and a violent lifestyle in General, people rolled on an inclined plane with a maximum speed. It is believed that stopped him Catherine Deneuve, another great French actress, one of the symbols of France, in fact, Gainsbourg. In 1981, in the midst of an affair with Deneuve, Gainsbourg made her a present: composed for her some songs and form a unique career Deneuve album "don't forget to forget me". Of his composition, "Overseas telegram". In another 10 years, Serge Gainsbourg died in her sleep last night of a heart attack. Over the past quarter century, the cult of Gainsbourg, formed during his life only grew, and outside of France. Gainsbourg – fanatically revered character in Anglo-Saxon countries of the world, and in Russia it know quite well. Playlist of the programme "Music for Freedom" (issue 58): 1. The Wedding Present (UK). Fordland, LP Going, Going... 2. Nive & The Deer Children (Greenland). Ole, LP Feet First 3. Ghost of You (Czech Republic). Horses, LP Glacier & the City 4. Mamadou Kelly (Mali/USA). Mahim nime, LP Politiki 5. Brigitte Bardot (France). Harley Davidson, LP Vamps et vampire 6. Françoise Hardy (France). Comment te dire adieu, LP Vamps et vampire 7. France Gall (France). Poupee de cire, Poupee de son, LP, Vamps et vampire 8. Jane Birkin (UK/France). Jane B" LP, Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg 9. Charlotte Gainsbourg (France). Elastique, LP Charlotte for Ever 10. Zizi Jeanmaire (France). Vamp et vampire, LP Bobino 11. Catherine Deneuve (France). Overseas Telegram, LP Souviens-toi de m oublier 12. PVT (Australia). Kangaroo, LP New Spirit 13. N-Qia (Japan). Glitter, LP Fantasica 14. Nikos Protopapas & Rebetiko Guitars Project (Greece). I paliotrechadira, LP Tempo