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The West begins! Preview of the first round of the playoffs

News of the KHL 03.03.2018 at 05:00

Peter waiting 4-0, Cherepovets - feat

"SKA" (St.-Petersburg) – "Severstal" (Cherepovets) (beginning at 17:00 GMT)

the St. Petersburg club rink went through the regular season. The beginning of the season was frightening for rivals – SKA has won 20 consecutive matches from the start, setting a new record. Later, the team of Oleg Znarka periodically slightly slowed down, but surely in the end he won the continental Cup, running second ahead of CSKA at half a dozen points. The only opponent who never yielded to SKA in the regular championship became HC "Sochi". The team of Sergei Zubov, who has previously worked in St. Petersburg as a player and then coach, double-beat "CSKA (3:2 and 2:1).

IN SKA no goalie Mikko Koskinen and Russian Igor Shesterkin split playing time about equally. Statistical indicators are slightly above the Finnish goalkeeper. Debuted in the NHL young Keeper Alex the Mel'nych to, had time to participate in two meetings.

the Defensive line of CSKA is not allowed in the League of serious failures, becoming the second most reliable in the League. The best scorer was Patrick Hursley, who scored 33 (13+20) points. The highest utility from another Legionnaire – David Rundblad (+23).

the Attacking line of the TEAM by a wide margin was the best in the League-2017/18 – 227 goals in 56 matches. For the title of best scorer of the League struggled Ilya Kovalchuk, Nikita Gusev, but won all the same experience. Kovalchuk became the second sniper of the KHL – 31 washer. Played Pavel Datsyuk, but due to injuries he managed to play 40 matches. Continue to heal the damage the striker Sergey Kalinin and protector Dinar Hafizullah.

Pavel Datsyuk – national captain

On the game STARBRIGHT SKA was also the best in the League – 90,4% "murder" minorities and the magnificent realization of the majority of 28.3%.

"Severstal" on the last day of the regular season became a participant in the playoffs. The Cherepovets team scored only one point in the game with SKA, and that was enough getting into the top eight. The last time "Severstal" participated in the UEFA Cup in the championship 2012/13, where the second round was stopped by the St. Petersburg times as "soldiers".

the Playoffs-2018: plus Amur, Avangard, Spartak and Severstal

Start of the season for Severstal was not easy – the team won the first victory in only the fifth meeting. The role of the goalkeeper's number one iron cemented Julius hudacek. In addition to reliable games and five "crackers", the Slovak goalkeeper regularly entertained the fans post-match show. Changers Slovak was Alex artukhin and Sergei Magariaf, who had eight and four games, respectively.

One of the key elements of defence "Severstal" - the Swedish defender Adam Mazur conducting on the ice for almost 22 and a half minutes for the meeting. The most dangerous player on the defense in the opponent's area – Alexander evseenkov (6+14).

the Leader of the attack is Dmitri Kagarlitsky, again became the best scorer of the club (17+28). His main assistants were Yuri Trubachev, Pavel Chernov, Daniil Vovchenko Alexander Bumagin scored two dozen points.

the Majority of Severstal - 15th for implementation in the League (18.5 percent), a minority – 8-e (82,9%).

the Latest victory over SKA Severstal won in 2012, and this season the meeting ended with the score 2:7 and 0:1 B.

Derby: for the first time in the playoffs

"CSKA" (Moscow) – "Spartak" (Moscow) (start at 17:00 GMT)

CSKA without special problems has finished in second place in the conference. Having started the championship with a defeat against SKA (2:4), more of CSKA did not get into serious "zone of turbulence". Closer to the St. Petersburg team managed, but not for long. But the second place team Igor Nikitin kept by a large margin, scoring 124 points. For the first time in four seasons the club did not manage to take the Cup of the Continent. It is unlikely that the army greatly upset by this fact, since long before the beginning of the championship announced that their main goal is the Gagarin Cup.

as for the goalkeeper, the young Ilya Sorokin conducts third full season in the squad of "soldiers". 22-year-old goalkeeper played 37 meetings, reflecting on average 93.1% of shots. Serious competition it was Lars Johansson, whose performance is even higher at 93.8% of the reflected throws and the best reliability coefficient to CHL – a of 1.31.

CSKA is the most reliable defense only 89 goals conceded. More than other defenders on the ice holds Bogdan Kiselevich - 20 + minutes for the meeting. The most productive player of defence was canadian Matt Robinson – 22 (6+16) points. Mikhail Pashnin is the holder of the highest utility – "+27".

the attack of CSKA the ball is ruled by youth – Cyril Whims, Maxim Shalunov and Sergei Shumakov scored 40 points. Pronounced leader among forwards no more than 16 minutes per game does not hold one.

Kirill Whims, that love is all

"Soldiers" only tenth in the NHL for the implementation of extra – 19,9%, and approximately on the same level not allowed to score most opponents of 82.1%.

the Red-and-white only on the last day of the regular season have already secured their place in the Gagarin Cup, defeating Dynamo in the Moscow Derby (4:3). For "Spartaka" this is a breakthrough - the last time in the playoffs, the club participated in the championship in 2010/11, although in the first three seasons in the NHL had a stable residence in the playoffs.

the Team of Vadim Epanchintseva spent a season roughly – in October happened five defeats in a row, after which the bench decided to embark General Manager Alexei Zhamnov, and it brought results – "Spartak" has won 11 matches out of 12, laying the Foundation for a breakthrough in the playoffs.

Nikita Bespalov has won the Marcus Svensson, the competition for a place in the gate of "Spartacus." The Russians played two-thirds of the matches, the Swede took part in 19 meetings, four games on account of 21-year-old Alexander Trushkova.

the Wards have missed Epanchintseva more other opponents in the playoffs of the West – 147 goals. Most reliable defenders Kirill Koltsov and Evgeny Kulik, whose terms of utility is equal to "+6". Villa Lajunen recorded in the asset 26 (6+20) points.

Alexander hohlachev triumphantly returned to Spartak, knocking in a season 50 (19+31) points. Next in the list of scorers are three foreign players – Lukas Radios, Ryan Stoa and Ben Maxwell.

Alexander hohlachev: "the Victory in St. Petersburg? I have nothing to prove to SKA"

Muscovites Have special team for quality - most are being implemented with success, or 21.0%, a minority is "killed" in 83% of cases.

as for personal meetings, CSKA during the regular season, they won two games, allowing the red and white to throw in the gate only one washer (3:1, 4:0).

whether HC "Sochi" to win the first match of the playoffs in history?

"Jokerit" (Helsinki) – "HC Sochi" (Sochi) (start at 17:00 GMT)

the Current championship, the Finnish team finished in third place in the West, earning 103 points – 61.7% of the maximum possible number. Goalkeeper Ryan Zapolski playing in his second season for Jokerit, and he could it is much better than the first. American goalkeeper scored nine games, "zero", while in fifth place on the reliability coefficient. Back in the KHL experienced goalkeeper Kari Ryam fought for the position of the first room, but he was entrusted with only 17 matches.

the Defense of "Jokerit" is traditionally held securely season, missing less than two goals average per game. The most effective player defense was returning from "Salavat" defender Sami Lepista, who scored 28 (7+21) points, the most helpful – Tomi Kivisto ("+19").

the Main discovery of the season not only "Jokerit", but the whole championship was 18-year-old striker Ali Tolvanen. Young talent they showed up, having a hat-trick in the first match. As a result, in 47 games of the season, he scored 36 (19+17) points when the utility indicator "+12", despite the relatively small playing time – 16 minutes per game.

Tolvanen, drones and six more players who can "light up" in the playoffs

"Jokerit" - second in the League in quality of play in shorthanded (86.4%) and the majority (24.2 per cent).

For HC "Sochi" started the season not easy: tub of cold water became a crushing defeat of "Salavat Yulaev" with the score 3:11. Later there was a series of five consecutive defeats, but the coaching staff headed by Sergei Zubov was able to perform the mission.

experienced goalkeeper Konstantin Barulin start of the season has not worked, so that there is the rumors about the departure of the player from the club. The goalkeeper managed to regain its former condition, after 33 meetings with the reliability coefficient of 2.24 and reflecting 92.1% of shots on goal. His replacement Dmitry Shikin spent on the ice a little less time – 28 games.

black sea club missed 138 goals for the season, the most exciting player on the defense was Nikita Shields, which became the most useful "+12" and scoring (2+12) defender.

Jyrki Icepack are the most enduring hockey player, he performs on the ice almost 24 minutes per game.

just three hockey players – Eric O'dell (32 points), Pavel Paracin (31) and Casey Wellman (31), to the last struggled for the title of best scorer of HC "Sochi" in the regular season. The best sniper was the canadian forward Sean Collins with 15 goals.

Alexei Tsvetkov: "not feeling old"

"Sochi" - the third League club for the success of the game in most (14,6%), in the minority of the situation is the same – 77,7%.

"Jokerit" lost twice "Sochi" in the last regular championship – 2:3, 1:2. The black sea club have been in the playoffs, but never won there.

a Meeting of former colleagues, Kvartalnov and Skudra

"the locomotive" (Yaroslavl) – "torpedo" (Nizhny Novgorod) (beginning at 17:00 GMT)

the Third consecutive season prepared the team for the season head coach Alexei Kudashov. The start was not the most successful: after a series of defeats he was replaced renowned expert Dmitry Kvartalnov. Under the new mentor of the team went uphill, and the regular season Lokomotiv finished on the fourth line.

the Goalkeeper "the Locomotive" Alexey Murygin, before last season, setting a record in the KHL by the number of "dry" matches, I almost retreated into the shadows. 35 matches held his replacement – Alexander Sudnitsin, on whose account the five "dry" games. Played seven games in the KHL, the 19-year-old Ilya Konovalov, reflecting worthy of 93.3% of shots.

the Railwaymen are not perfectly spent a season in terms of defensive actions, conceding 129 goals. But in a strange area defenders just pleased Staffan Kronwall became the best scorer of the club, with 35 (10+25) points. The most reliable was Jakub was Naklada – the utility indicator "+15".

Striker Brandon Kozun is the most successful player of the attacking line of the club (13+20). Among the best of the Russians became Daniel Apalkov and Yegor Gorshkov. Only "the locomotive" has scored 148 goals.

Dmitry Kvartalnov was not able to develop the game STARBRIGHT Yaroslavl – Lokomotiv implements only 15.5% majority, which is the sixth measure from the end. His minority – worst in the NHL (74.2 per cent).

Nizhny Novgorod club in the summer has gone through major restructuring left the team more than 20 players. They were replaced by players, most of whom already had experience of playing in "torpedo". In its place remained the head coach Peteris Skudra, which is difficult to separate from Nizhny Novgorod, where he works for five years. At the start of the championship Nizhny Novgorod lost four games out of six, during the championship, they had two more unsuccessful series. The most unpleasant defeat ended a home match with "AK the Leopard" - 0:5. Overall "torpedo" held a season traditionally hard, in advance of securing a hit in the Gagarin Cup.

Peteris Skudra – a supporter of active rotation of goalkeepers, but a little more time (38 matches) held in a frame Stanislav Galimov. The goalkeeper has recorded seven "dry" games, reflecting an average of 92% of the shots. His mate Elijah Listina similar statistics.

the Defensive line throughout the season were subjected to rotation – in the matches of "torpedo" was attended by 18 defenders. The most productive was Denis Barantsev (8+9), the highest utility (the"+13") Mikhail Grigoriev.

"torpedo" scored less goals than missed – 116-127. During the season the club left a few of the attacking players was not acceptable to coach your performance, including striker jig epic. At Nizhegorodtsev there is no definite scorer – roughly the same number of points have Egor Dugin, Denis Parshin, Kaspars Daugavins, Vladimir Galuzin.

Nizhny Novgorod team for the success of his most closes the second decade of NHL teams (17.6%) and in the minority of the play gained a few better – 80,0%.

"locomotive in the regular season exchanged victories with "torpedo" - 0:3, 4:1.