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Is the phantom goal in the second overtime. Spartak Moscow took a 1-0 lead in the series with Jokerit

News of the KHL 03.03.2018 at 18:10

Jalonen doesn't believe in a short series

the Stats before the fight was controversial. On the one hand HC "Sochi", the third time in history came in the playoffs, had a sad Cup story. Both times, in the seasons 2014/15 and 2015/16 the path to the Gagarin Cup ended for southerners after four matches. Both times HC "Sochi" suffered from the Moscow clubs – the first, CSKA and "Dynamo". This time fate brought lots of areas also with the team from the capital, only this time the Finnish. And now the stats for southerners: both meetings of the regular season ended in their favor. Furthermore, both victories were hard-fought. In Helsinki, in Sochi Jokerit was leading, but eventually conceded, and in the main time: November 17 – 2:3, 19 January – 1:2.

On the Sochi tenacity spoke ahead of the match and head coach Jukka Jalonen in an interview to the club press service: "These games were similar to each other, the opponent played very effectively and earned the victory. Expect that our opposition in the playoffs will be as resistant. Hardly any team will win 4-0".

Before leaving for Helsinki HC "Sochi" took a roller on the output of the team in the playoffs.

Finnish club in his Instagram announced part of the pre-game show.

the Publication of Jokerit Helsinki (@jokerithc) Mar 2, 2018 at 8:42 PST

Before the match became aware of the fact that it will not participate the number of players, including Alexei Tsvetkov, Yevgeny Lapenkov Yuri Alexandrov and Casey Wellman. The captain's badge was entrusted to canadian Eric O Dell.

the First Cup victory of Sochi

"Jokerit" (Helsinki) – "HC Sochi" (Sochi) – 2:3OT (2:1, 0:1, 0:0, 0:1)

This increase in status is so beneficial impact on the game O'dell that at the end of the fourth minute he opened the scoring. Time, it seems, were not serious for the gates Ryan Zapolski, but O'dell was able, being surrounded by three opponents, to poke the puck towards the goal – the goalkeeper "Jokerit" was suddenly not ready and missed the puck under him. But this trouble for the Finns not over – Steve Moses slashed the stick of Dmitri Lugina and went to the locker room to end the game. This meant that the coaching staff at the beginning of the meeting it was to reshape the composition due to the loss of the forward of the first link.

PHOTOBLOG. 03.03.18. The CHL season 2017/18. "Jokerit" (Helsinki) - HC "Sochi" (Sochi)

However, the hosts quickly recovered and went to his favorite power hockey, trying out lots of areas of strength. And then on the ground there were skirmishes, and on 14-th minute, a mistake by Konstantin Barulin, after throwing Olli Palola scored the puck into the net. The pressure brought the hosts success: at the end of the period, the residents were three, and esse Joensuu brought Jokerit forward.

After the break, the dust settled, the teams exchanged dangerous moments, nervousness poured in hooks and other minor fouls, the doctors of the teams and then had to get to work. On 32 minutes, the residents managed to attack, which made Sean Collins, reaching up to the washer after the transfer Lugina. Zapolski lacked a few centimeters in order to save the team. In the third period Jokerit took the initiative, residents responded with counterattacks, one of which Yegor Morozov was able to write HC "Sochi forward. In the last seconds of the Finns pressed gate Barulin, but the draw has not changed, and viewers will see the first overtime in the playoffs in 2018.

Four removal of HC "Sochi" given great chances to finish the match in their favor, however, reflecting a throw by throw, confidence gained Barulin, not allowed to punch themselves in the first extra 20 minutes.

the outcome in the match came in the third minute of the second overtime. Andrey Ivanov threw the puck on goal, to fight for it with the two rivals joined Jonathon bloom, in the end, the crowd disoriented Zapolski, and he missed the moment when the puck crawled into the net. Viewing of the episode was short-lived, and after him the judge recorded the first ever Cup victory of Sochi residents.

Sergey Zubov, the head coach of HC "Sochi":

- I would Like to thank the guys. We have half the team had never experienced what it means to the playoffs. So glad that all of us exactly what happened – won in the second overtime. Preparing for the next game.

Jukka Jalonen, the head coach "Jokerit":

- I Congratulate with the victory. We lost today primarily because are unable to convert their chances. And there were many, especially in the first overtime. It is therefore logical that, not scoring, we conceded.