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East: useless "comeback" of Omsk with 0:3 and failure Nazarov (updated)

News of the KHL 04.03.2018 at 13:45

Kravtsov pulled out a victory in overtime for the "Tractor"

"the Tractor" (Chelyabinsk) – "the Petrochemist" (Nizhnekamsk) – (, , )

the Bear as an indicator of weightlessness

After the Olympic break it "Neftekhimik" had good chances to take third place in the East, but two losses sent the team of Andrey Nazarov to sixth place in the conference. "Tractor" won two matches and extended their successful streak to seven games. This season teams met twice and both times were stronger than the residents.

the Space theme in the NHL takes more and more popularity, March 21, the commander of the piloted ship "Soyuz MS-08" Oleg Artemyev will take with them into space mascot of the Chelyabinsk club the bear, and the mascot will be an indicator of weightlessness. Three years ago, together with Oleg Germanovich was sent into space in the coat of arms of the Chelyabinsk region and pictures with the symbols of the "Tractor".

the Residents bounced back with 1:3

the Teams played the first period very active, one of the best was the hosts ' forward Alexei Kruchinin. First, he gave an excellent pass to nick Bailen, which exact throw has opened the account in a match and his goals in the current playoffs. Then Kruchinin he scored, but the goal was disallowed after video viewing only due to the possible blocking of the goalkeeper. The answer is "Neftekhimik" was impressive Pavel Kulikov roll with a negative angle found the gap in the gate, Pavel Franzosa.

Photoblog: 04.03.18. The CHL season 2017/18. The playoffs. "The tractor" (Chelyabinsk) - "the Petrochemist" (Nizhnekamsk)

In the second gaming segment, the team went on to play on the counter, in all its glory stood the goaltenders of both teams. In the third period the game exploded after Linus, Widell corrected for his mistakes in the match. It seemed that 3:1 and the game is solved, but this only angered the wolves. Andrew Nestrasil and Ildar Sexchatroom for 2.5 minutes was able to tie the score. The fate of the match decided in overtime, where the 68 th minute, accurate shot struck Vitaly Kravtsov. The first series of the confrontation remained with the owners.

the Nature didn't save the hawks from Hartikainen and Odarka

"Salavat Yulaev" (Ufa) – "avant-guard" (Omsk region) – (, , )

"Salavat" is going to make some noise?

the Division Chernysheva kept me wondering until the final days of the regular season: the Olympic break all of his clubs have gone without confidence that they will perform in the playoffs. In the end the leader became "Salavat", and the enemy Ufimtsev in the first round was the hawks, saprygova in the top eight at the last moment due to the misfire of "Siberia". In-person meetings this season, these teams exchanged guest victories in the main time.

At the open training before the start of the series, the coaches spoke about his expectations from the confrontation. The Erkki of Westerlund was categorical: "It's the playoffs. It is time to go on the ice and show their game. Hockey players know how to play. It's more the question of psychology – how we are strong." And German Titov talked about flexibility: "As I always say, the team needs to play from itself, to impose its will on the opponent, to draw for themselves. But, of course, we will vary the setting depending on how to act".

the Motto "Avant-garde" in the playoffs – #nmaximum.

the Publication is from Ilya (@ilyamikheev66) Mar 2, 2018 at 4:47 PST

New Cup slogan of "Salavat" – #make some noise.

the Publication from HC Salavat Yulaev (@hcsalavat) Mar 3, 2018 at 5:23 PST

Purcha changed Shilin, Kareev – Nalimov

in the opening stages of the match the opponents exchanged penalties. "Avant-garde" for the most part looked more dangerous, but then the hawks went awry. At the end of the fifth minute Dominica Farha struck Stanislav Gareev, previously gaining points over 28 games. In the middle of the cut Gareeva supported Maxim Mayorov, he started the attack from his goal, gave in the region, accelerated, and then shorted at the far post. And it is really a mockery of the defense of the guests looked like the third goal "Salavat", for the authorship of the Theme of Hartikainen. The transverse transmission through the four (!) Omsk on the Swede gave Linus omark are. Both scored points in the fifth meeting in a row.

Titov took a timeout, after which Purcha frame was replaced by Oleg Shilin. And after the break, the hawks seized the initiative! The game has not yet managed to cross the half, and the "avant-garde" has reduced rupture to a minimum. Tried Dmitry Kugryshev (in most, good on the patch work partners) and Maxim Mineev (just far throw, the puck was under the hand of Andrei Kareev). Quite a long time the hosts threatened the gates of Shilin only in counterattacks, and during one of them Omsk goalkeeper managed to make supersaw the ball struck his stick and went above.

Before the second pause, Linus omark are calmed Ufa fans, increasing advantage "Salavat" but, however "avant-garde" were not going to surrender. Puck Peter Khokhryakova returned to the meeting a lively affair, and after a couple of shifts Ansel Galimov completed an incredible "comeback" of the "hawks", at the same time sending on the bench Kareev. However, for the victory of Siberians that volitional effort is not enough, most of the success of Ufa brought Philip Larsen. Hartikainen then scored and the second time (a total of five points in the match, have Odarka – four), and Ivan Nalimov his 14 minutes played without conceding.

Photoblog: 04.03.18. The CHL season 2017/18. The playoffs. "Salavat Yulaev" (Ufa) - "avant-guard" (Omsk oblast)

499-th Mozyakin goal and first win of Magnitogorsk

"the Motorist" (Ekaterinburg) – "the Metallurgist" (Magnitogorsk) – (, , )

mozyakin returned

the two Finalists of the past draw of Gagarin Cup "metallurg" has got a serious rival in the "Motorist", which confidently held the regular season and earned the right to start the playoffs at home. Players Yekaterinburg before the start of the playoffs, talked about the benefits that they had secured a place in the Cup spring and the current opponent needs no introduction. Teams this season have exchanged exit victories, and the meeting in August ended with the victory of the team of Vladimir Krikunova with the score 5:2.

"the Metallurgist" the last days of the regular season lived by the expectation of Olympic Champions Vasily Koshechkin and Sergei Mozyakin. By the beginning of the playoffs part back only masakin, in the gate took in the first game of the series Ilya Samsonov, who had two matches this week. To start the playoffs, "metallurg" came up with a special slogan "the Team is stronger than steel".

mozyakin scored

the First period has passed with overwhelming advantage, but have different owners. Francis Pair and Dwight king counterattack, which ended a Pair. Approximately in the same style Anatoly Golyshev has increased advantage "the Motorist" accurate shots, and assisted him Pair. And "metallurg" broke bad during the match, thanks to two goals Wojtek Wolski in most.

In the third period, Avtomobilist was able to equalize the game after the second goal Wolski, the team of Vladimir Krikunova missed again. Jan kovari found at the far post Sergei Mozyakin, from the ridge which the puck went into the goal. The arbitrators took the video, which determined that the abuse was not. This goal for the captain "Magnitogorsk" became the 499th in the national Championships. More goals the fans saw the home court advantage goes to Metalurh.