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Patriarch Kirill is now in the vastness of Instagram

Instagram is a large social network, users which every day becomes more and more. Officially this platform is considered to be the fastest growing in the number of audience. In the vastness of Instagram is the profiles of many stars, scientists, singers and artists. On such accounts signed by a large number of people, and people who have a large audience to earn money on cooperation with advertisers. But today in Instagram appeared no less famous a person (though from the religious sphere) - Patriarch Kirill.

the Defendant in a popular song about the Russian Church brought to your account in Instagram

. Users were divided into several groups: some good placed to the rector of the Church in the social. network, and others believe that such a thing is hypocritical. But more recently the Church has condemned social networks.

But today, for one service, the Patriarch said that social networks are part of every person's life. Therefore, it is impossible not to pay attention to the social. network. Profile of Patriarch Kirill will be publishing informal pictures that do not fall on the official website.

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