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Schwarzenegger announced the start date of filming the new "Terminator"

MComp 07.03.2018 at 02:01

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Bodybuilder, actor, ex-head of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger Nawal date of the start of filming the sixth version of the legendary film "Terminator". The work on the film will start from June to October of this year.

Information about the Schwarzenegger statement spread by the American media. Famous bodybuilder can't wait for the moment when he will once again play the role of the robot T-800. The Director of another version of "the Terminator" is Tim Miller, the producer will be James Cameron. Sarah Connor will play Linda Hamilton, who starred in the first and second part of the cult of the picture. Show new tape will take place in 2019.

Schwarzenegger will star in a parody of the militants of the 80-ies of XX century under the name "Kung fury". In this film the actor will appear before the public in the role of the U.S. President. Schwarzenegger had political experience. He was acting Governor of California, but colleagues harshly criticized bodybuilder for inexperience and failure to meet commitments.

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