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Huge Python swallowed weighing more deer

MComp 07.03.2018 at 03:51

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In the United States in Florida, biologists have discovered tiger Python that swallowed a baby deer weighing 16 pounds. The boa weighed two pounds less than his victim. Scientists first encountered such a situation.

Experts call tiger Python, who decided to eat a deer, a real champion. Length non-poisonous tropical snake came to 3.32 meters. These types reach five meters. People prevented the Python to eat, and he spit up baby. According to experts, the digestion of such a large production would take boa approximately six months. Dark tiger pythons by accident came to Florida from Southeast Asia.

30 years ago, the data of the snake in the above state is not inhabited. Tiger pythons have adapted well to the new conditions of life and their number has increased dramatically. Administration officials offer hunters a variety of bonuses for the destruction of these Boas, because they actively eat the deer, thus causing irreparable damage to the fauna.

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