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The Club KIT during the holidays

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 06.03.2018 at 20:32

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

March 7, we work as usual - from 13-00 to 19-00.

on 8 and 9 March, the output is

March 10 welcome to mini-training "Semicoking as a way of life", which will be held in the office of our club.

March 7 for all who come to our office, in anticipation of women's day we announce "the Birthday of ALL!"

This means that when you purchase unimodular on this day, our guests can benefit from discounts in the amount of birthday Bonus, which is almost twice the March discounts.

So come for gifts!

on 8 and 9 March we rest.

on March 10, we invite all who have the opportunity, for free mini-training "Semicoking as a way of life"

On this page of our forum with two post where we tell what the coaching/semicoking and why you need it. Go read!

Here we say only a few words so that you understand what will be discussed..

we All want to change your life for the better in one degree or another. And the main obstacle on this way is our lack of understanding ourselves. Lack of understanding of the causes that led to a particular situation.

will Agree that these reasons are not beyond us, although sometimes we think that we are completely innocent that nothing depends on us, that we are the victims of circumstances.

In fact, it's much easier and much harder. That happens to us is ALWAYS directly related to our worldview, i.e. our beliefs. attitudes, stereotypes of thinking and behavior. And until we change, everything will remain the same. In this case, the same rake, however, slightly in different variations, are provided to us.

all originates in our head. As you know, wrong thoughts lead to wrong decisions and wrong actions, wrong actions lead to wrong results.

that is, in fact, that's all.

Therefore, it is necessary to start with a question to myself: "why am I doing so and not otherwise?"

by the Way, we are talking about it constantly. For example, in the section "Learning to work with goals" for our online meetings. As for unimodular, we even have a webinar "Help your modulator to help you", where we are talking about that can only hope for a modulator is fundamentally wrong that we should do something yourself.

this Saturday, March 10, we invite everyone to mini-training "Semicoking as a way of life".

This meeting we would like to start the most interesting work in your life - acquaintance with yourself, beloved or favorite.

the Training will be held at the office of our club.

Started at 14-00.

a Duration of approximately 2 hours.

10 Mar weather, we promise a good - sunshine and a little frost. We promise you an interesting conversation and tea with buns )

After the training, we can just freely talk to 17-30.

If someone wants to buy modulators on this day, after 16: 00 it will be possible.

by the Way, March 10, will have the same conditions as 7 March - a discount of birthday Bonus on the purchase of modulators.

What is the coaching/semicoking and why you need it, read here -

PS If someone of you is going to visit us on March 10, large live please send me a PM.

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