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Great game (Molly's Game) clips from movies 08.03.2018 at 15:00

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The script is based on a memoir, Molly bloom — skier world level, twenty-one, already bringing up the rear of the top three in North America, while remaining highly successful and in terms of College. After she took the Olympic team, Molly made the decision to interrupt career and to go to legal University. She moved to Los Angeles, temporarily got a job as a waitress, and then everything began to turn so in an incredible way that hardly anyone expected: for eight consecutive years, Molly bloom was recognized as the coolest poker player — not only in America but throughout the world. The problem was that Molly participated and helped conduct an illegal poker matches, in which participated the financial bigwigs on wall street and celebrities. The organizers of these games in the rooms of the Plaza hotel near Central Park were representatives of the Russian-American organized crime — that is, the bandits, the main purpose was money laundering. Of course, once a heavenly life ended: at the door Molly called polite people in black uniforms, with automatic weapons in hand and three letters FBI on the backs.

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