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How to choose and wear boots to look stylish 07.03.2018 at 18:52

How to wear boots?

Before proceeding to programming with botfortas, you should consider some nuances:

— in Order to avoid a vulgar context, not mix with botfortas bodycon mini dress with sweetheart neckline and short skirt with slits. So it is not necessary to select things sheer and thin fabrics.

— Stockings or tights choose in accordance with the color of the treads, so as not to "break" the proportions of the legs and not "crush" the shape into segments. For example, with black bottomtime perfectly dense black tights, gray gray, everything is easy and simple, and the effect is stunning.

— never allow too much distance between the hem of the dress or skirt and riding boots, otherwise the image will look far from harmonious. Ideally, the hem should end where it begins or even boots to cover them.

— do Not forget that these shoes are some fat legs, so if you are the owner of magnificent forms – choose an extremely dark models without the effect of bunching.

— Boots are mostly not compatible with clothes of sports style, for the harmonious way better prefer things simple, calm, classic style, it is also possible to mix in the ethnic or boho directions.

— Remember – the Union "jeans+boots" is often doomed to failure, because this combination looks ridiculous. However, if you really really want to wear something like that, make sure that jeans and boots were the same color and boots in this way became like their continuation.

MIDI Dress with flower pattern, black bag and brown boots with a heel

Black coat, white sweater, black and white skirt and black boots

White sweater, plaid skirt and black boots

Pink long hoodie and boots purple

a White blouse, black mini a-line skirt and black boots

how to wear boots with a heel?

thigh Boots with heels require a special approach, one wrong step and your image to turn into a vulgar outfit and present you in an unfavorable light.

so, what's the best way to combine boots on the heel?

— feel free to mix boots heels with the dress of A-silhouette with a dress-sweater, medium, and coarse knit with dress-MIDI dress-bodycon below knee, with models of dresses in a retro style.

— Color is desirable to choose a quiet, muted and deep. For example, blue, black, brown, wine, bottle green, etc.

— knee Boots will look great with a skirt, the skirt is A-line or pencil skirt waist below the knee length or MIDI.

— Sweaters and pullovers choose free cut, for example, so fashionable over-size bed, covering the mid-thigh.

— Blouses and shirts, try to pick up from a fairly dense fabric, which does not show through. Forget about guipure lace and fitted, the neckline.

anyway, the best so self-sufficient and expressive shoes as boots heels, combine clothes in a simple, calm and sometimes strict style. As a result, your image will be filled with glamor and sophistication.

Black knit dress and beige boots with a heel

Blue coat and skirt, white shirt, pink jumper, black boots and tights to match them

Beige coat, dress with floral tapestry print and taupe boots heels

Black long jacket and pink boots with a heel

Suit with contrasting blue and red print and gray high boots with a heel

Gray coat, black dress and boots with a heel in the same tone

wide-Brimmed white hat, gray coat, gray dress and gray boots with a heel

Black turtleneck, black mini a-line skirt and boots with a heel in her tone

a Black coat and skirt with a wine bottomtime heels

Blue mini dress and a blue vest with black bottomtime heels

Total black look: hat, sweater dress and knee boots on a thin heel

Grey longline sweater coarse knit with a belted waist and black boots with a heel

Black dress gray faux fur vest and boots with a heel in her tone

Milk cap and knitted loose dress, beige coat and taupe boots heels

White shirt, denim dress, grey cardigan and grey boots heel

Cashmere white dress with bare shoulders, a beige clutch and boots with a heel in the same tone

how to wear boots on a flat course?

Boots on a flat course more practical, both from the point of view of compatibility, and from the point of view of convenience. Besides, for winter this is a better option, as the flat sole makes the Shoe more stable than a heel.

how to combine boots on a flat course?

— free cut dresses, except perhaps that only deliberate style babydoll. By the way, these high boots without a heel can be safely worn in tandem with mini-dresses.

— With skirts of all colors and stripes. For example, great boots without a heel will look great with a leather skirt is A-line.

— Boots on a flat course, you can mix even with shorts, the latest in this Union needs to go to the beginning or boots a little to cover them. It is also possible variant of the distance between bottomtime and shorts no more than 10 inches.

— Great this Shoe looks great with long sweaters over-sized bed and thick tights in the same tone. This happens at the same time relaxed and fragile.

Leather boots flat as well combined with leather leggings and oversized sweaters that cover the hips.

— knee Boots without a heel smartly fit into the images in the style of boho, missouts with dresses with ethnic motifs, vests and cardigans.

Dark gray loose dress, black cross body and black boots flat

Gray sweatshirt over the bed and black boots flat

Red dress in the style boho, red tote and boots on a flat course in her tone

Blue sweater, ripped denim shorts, a brown coat and white boots with black toe flat

Wine hat, brown coat, khaki pants and dark brown boots without a heel

How to choose boots?

You already know what and how to wear boots with a heel or without, and what they should not be combined. It remains to clarify a few little nuances and you can safely go shopping your perfect pair.

so, what you should consider when choosing jackboots?

— the Boots don't need you to save the boot should cover the foot, but not to press it at the top.

— If you are the owner of magnificent forms – please note treads on the model-stockings with a touch of stretch in the running, they're tight enough fit without causing discomfort.

— For the rainy season ideal leather with the dry spring, for example, a great choice would be suede boots.

If you are limited financially and can only afford one pair of shoes – it is best to give preference to the classic black color and botfortas with a heel not more than 7 cm, this height is considered to be one of the most versatile and comfortable.

And remember, the simpler the image bottomtime – so it more elegant and attractive!

Black machine-knitted dress, black coat and boots to match them

a White blouse, black shorts, white long jacket and black boots with a heel

Blue shirt dress is Maxi length and white thigh boots with heels

White Maxi coat dress khaki and white boots

White lace blouse, black leather skirt and black boots

White mini dress boxy fit, a blue handbag and white boots on a steady heel

, Black jacket, wine dress made of light fabric, and black boots

Grey sweater white shirt, grey jeans, grey bottomtime flat

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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