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Do Terminator on a tour of Gogol's Russia?.. Movie news 08.03.2018 at 08:46

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Arnold Schwarzenegger to visit Russia to support the "Wii 2: the Secret of the seal of the dragon", if these plans don't interfere with shooting in the "terminator 6"

the other day there were two interesting news related to not requiring the submission of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

last Tuesday Petrukhin, producer of the film "Viy 2: the Secret of the seal of the dragon", said that Arnold wants to go on a tour of Russia in support of the film, which played the head of the tower.

we plan to tour the country, and just now discussing where to visit and what premiere. He [Schwarzenegger], of course, has only one desire - to Moscow and he really wanted to see Siberia. I told him about how to get from the Urals, that is, start from there, from Yekaterinburg, and then in Novosibirsk. Now a decision is made. Arnold Schwarzenegger in the image of the head of the tower from the movie "Viy 2: the Secret of the seal of the dragon"

cast Iron Arnie to go on tour in Russia - is the big question, because along with this news came another - and from the mouth of Arnold. It's the movie that brought the actor worldwide fame - namely, the postponement of the start date of filming the movie about the old, but not useless Terminator. In an interview with "TheArnoldFans" Schwarzenegger said that the shooting of the next part of the franchise starts in June 2018.

We will begin filming "Terminator 6" in June and will want to take off in mid-October. I look forward to his return to the role of T-800. The result should be wonderful, because we have Tim Miller as the Director and James Cameron controls the entire process.

reported that the film will be a direct sequel to "Terminator 2: judgement day"; to the role of the mother of the leader of the resistance, Sarah Connor will be back Linda Hamilton. According to the creators of the film producer James Cameron and directed by Tim Miller, the sixth "Terminator" must be the beginning of a new trilogy, which will employ a team of writers: David S. Goyer, Charles Eglee, and Creator of the spinoff series "Terminator: the battle for the future" Josh Friedman. The latest version of the script is exactly the sixth part is the author of Billy ray, who rewrote early script by Justin Rhodes.

As we all know, this is the fourth attempt to create a trilogy of the universe "Terminator". The first this it took Jonathan Mostow with his film "rise of the machines", the next attempt was for a promising military post-Apocalypse McGee "salvation", the last to date, the experience has become ambiguous Genesis, which put Alan Taylor. We all remember the fate of these pictures... Let's hope that Cameron and Co. can breathe new life into old and tortured "Terminator".

As you can see, plans have a lot of Schwarzenegger. Shooting the feature film "Kung fury"; promised for many years, the continuation of the Comedy of the 90s "Gemini", where the third brother will be played by Eddie Murphy (the movie was called "Triplets*"). So the dream Petrukhina to go with Schwarzenegger on a tour of Gogol's Russia seem to be very vague - in fact they intersect with other Affairs well loaded artist. Unlikely because hero Arnold in a new movie about a cyborg killer will get very little screen time.

Recall that the "Mystery of the seal of the dragon" is the second Chapter of a planned trilogy and will be released not only in Russia but also in China (at least) in August of this year. The first film "Viy" was in theaters in 2014-m year, and the third part – "Journey to India" - still removed.