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Fantasy preview matches of the playoffs on March 5

News of the KHL 05.03.2018 at 04:00

Today in the playoffs of the Continental hockey League will host 6 matches of the quarter finals of the conferences. All the teams have already met once, and some idea what form the players went to the playoffs, we have already received. Based on this, as well as the statistics of the regular season, we have prepared a forecast for the draft of players for your virtual team. The most promising choice for hockey players – fantasy preview on the matches of the third day's play in the playoffs.

Fantasy preview "Salavat Yulaev" – "avant-garde"

the Abundance of abandoned in the first match of the series goals allowed multiple players "Salavat" to score 20+ fantasy points. Before the second game, we recommend you to pay attention to forwards the Theme of Hartikainen ($14 928), Linus Odarka ($16 194) and of Joonas Kemppainen ($12 134), recruited in the last five matches, average of 20.1, 19.1 and 11.5 points, respectively. And if the choice of Hartikainen and Odarka can be a serious problem for your budget, the draft Kemppainen is quite reasonable virtual money. The players "Avant-garde" fantasy stats looks worse, so on the part of the hawks we would have considered the draft only candidate Kirill Semenov ($13 524), gaining in the last three games an average of 12 points.

Fantasy preview "Tractor" – "Neftekhimik"

On a parity the price-quality "Tractor" on the eve of the second game of the series, you can highlight just three strikers – Alex Kruchinina ($13 069), Linus Vidella ($13 496) Sex and the Segura ($13 843). Kruchinin phenomenally spent the last two games (25.6 points per game), and Widdel and Segura are in General successfully and smoothly (for 9-10 points on average in the last five matches). Also in the Chelyabinsk is not obvious, but interesting from the point of view of the fantasy hockey statistics. Vitaly Kravtsov ($8 068) scored in the last two games of 15.4, and 17.2 points, and given the low cost of the draft pick, then he looks an excellent candidate for getting into your virtual team. "Neftekhimik" we note only striker Dennis Everberg ($13 650), gaining in the last five matches at the average of 8.9 points.

Fantasy preview "Motorist" – "metallurg Mg"

Who scored the winning goal in the first game of the series Sergei mozyakin ($13 682) scored 28.6 points and became the best fantasy player of the match. We all know how Sergey can pick up speed in the important moments of the season, so we recommend Mozyakin to the draft as long as the price allows. Also demonstrates good form, Jan kovari ($11 545), gaining 10+ points for 3 matches. "Motorist" is a great option for the draft, looks forward Anatoly Golyshev ($11 237), who has two consecutive games gaining 15+ points, despite the fact that the price of his choice is close to the average.

Fantasy preview "AK bars" – "the Cupid"

After a dry victory "leopards" in the first game of the series, you can note a number of players of the Kazan command potentially interesting for selection in a fantasy team. Opting more for the cost of the draft, we noted three of them forwards Justin Azevedo ($12 133), Alexander Burmistrov ($12 122) and Stanislav Galiev ($11 777). At a relatively low price for the choice the players have in the asset for a 13.3, 13.1 and 11.4 points on average in their last four matches. "Cupid" had failed from the point of view of the fantasy-statistics of the first match (only two players in the team scored positive points), and judging by the success in previous matches, Khabarovsk, we can recommend the choice of Vyacheslav Ushenin ($9 697), gaining in the last three games before the playoffs average of 10.8 points per game.

Fantasy preview SKA – "Severstal"

"Severstal", despite the defeat, played a great first match and before the second game we would pick two forwards in the Cherepovets team. Dmitry Kagarlitsky ($11 609) and Igor Geraskin ($9 012) scored 23,8 and 16.6 points, respectively, when accounting for extremely reasonable prices makes us seriously consider these candidates for selection in your fantasy team. The SKA not so obvious and the draft is much more expensive. While the team has not scored in the playoffs, to predict who among the "soldiers" will feareth, is not easy. Therefore, we will not reinvent the wheel and recommend choosing the best scorer of the regular season, Ilya Kovalchuk ($15 563), scored in the first game of the series 19 virtual points.

Fantasy preview CSKA – Spartak

After a crushing defeat in the first match none of the players of "Spartacus" does not look attractive from the point of view of fantasy statistics, almost every player on the team scored in the match a negative number of points. CSKA, on the contrary, a wide selection, the only question is price. The most interesting draft in terms of price-quality in the part of the "soldiers" look forwards Sergei Shumakov ($105 14) and Valeri Nichushkin ($11 746). In the last two matches they score 12+ points. Even when forming a team you can pay attention to the forward Mikhail Grigorenko ($7 581), scored in the first game of 33.2 points and became the best player of the match, however, this choice is quite risky, as Grigorenko fantasy points almost scored.