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East: new super show in Ufa, screamers to level the scores

News of the KHL 05.03.2018 at 18:40

Ellison brings "Magnitogorsk"

"the Motorist" (Ekaterinburg) – "the Metallurgist" (Magnitogorsk) – 2:1 (1:0, 1:1, 0:0)

Series teams from Yekaterinburg and Magnitogorsk is exciting. In the first game "the Motorist" has shown that he can play against skilled players "Magnitogorsk", but the team of Vladimir Krikunova failed undisciplined actions of their own players. Head coach of "metallurg" Victor Kozlov continued to trust the young goalkeeper Ilya Samsonov.

In the middle of the first period of new meetings the owners came forward and did it in a similar style as the day before. Attack immediately and striker closes the transfer at the far post, only in the main roles now were made by Ilya Krikunov and Alexander Kucheryavenko, but not Legionnaires. Literally a minute after that, Matt Ellison gets delete to the end of the match, but our finishing let us down "Motorist" in those five minutes.

Photoblog: 05.03.18. The CHL season 2017/18. The playoffs. "Avtomobilist" (Ekaterinburg) - "the Metallurgist" (Magnitogorsk)

Already in the 1st minute of the second period Yegor Milovzorov played well on the rebound after a shot from the blue line. The script of yesterday's match was repeated, and following the author's goal was "Magnitogorsk" - the players made a counterattack, which was ended by Denis Platonov. In the third period, the hosts played extremely reliable in defense, defenders of the team helped their goalkeeper Jakub Covario, blocking everything that flies in his direction.

As a result, the hosts persevered and won the first victory in the playoffs, equalized in the series. Now the series will come back to Ekaterinburg, at least for one match. The next two match series will be held in Magnitogorsk on 7 and 8 March.

Victor Kozlov, the senior coach of "metallurg":

- Hard to win in the playoffs, playing 15 minutes in the minority. We need to learn to play more disciplined. Tried to attack, Jakub kovari reliably played in goal and had a few shots in the third period, only five have more.

Vladimir Krikunov, head coach of "Motorist":

- the Game account was just like yesterday in a row, the only thing that managed to survive, although the enemy attacked a lot was choked, but well done all the guys. (Press service of "Motorist")

"the Tractor" has strengthened the leadership in the series

"the Tractor" (Chelyabinsk) – "the Petrochemist" (Nizhnekamsk) – 4:1 (1:0, 1:1, 2:0)

Friendship charms

the First match of the confrontation between the teams Andrei Nazarov and Anwar I turned out to be extremely resistant. "Tractor" long conducted in the account, but then "Neftekhimik" translated meeting in overtime, where the victory was achieved by the hosts thanks to a goal by their young talent Vitaliy Kravtsov, 18-year-old hockey player scored for the team in the last playoffs. Coaches after the match talked about the fact that the teams were equal, but the team mascots in this series, there is no hostility.

the Publication from HC Neftekhimik | HC Neftekhimik (@neftekhimik_hc) Mar 4, 2018 at 8:47 PST

In a similar scenario

2 minutes of a new meeting of these teams, the players "Neftekhimik" forgotten front of the gate of Richard Gynge, it throw Ilya Ezhov did it, but unsuccessfully fought off the puck, that she was in the gate. The teams continued to operate at a good pace, but the goalies stopped shots go through due to the dedication of the defenders.

Photoblog: 05.03.18. The CHL season 2017/18. The playoffs. "The tractor" (Chelyabinsk) - "the Petrochemist" (Nizhnekamsk)

At the beginning of the second period, the time has come for it to be Marcel Sholokhov opened his score goals in the playoffs. Residents of Chelyabinsk began to leave and after breaking the rules by Nick Bailen, Oleg Piganovich successfully corrected the puck with a stick. Nizhnekamsk in the third period, acted very aggressively and methodically pressed gate of Paul Franzosa, Czech worked perfectly, and all his team.

the Outcome of the meeting was decided in the last minute of the first two Gunge and Swede Linus, Widell has organized a great counter attack which decided the last of them. Then Alexei Kruchinin has amazed already empty gate "the Petrochemist". "Tractor" win a landslide second victory in this series and has a good opportunity to bring the qualification in the next two matches that will take place in Nizhnekamsk.

Andrey Nazarov, the head coach "neftechimik":

- Losing in a series 0:2, the series is not over. Go home and prepare. On the game – something happened, something failed. We need to find ways of breaking the opponent's defense and goalkeeper.

Anvar Gatiatulin, the head coach "the Tractor":

- Heavy, difficult match. Equal game. Could create chances to get maximum score. Patient game, dedication brought victory. I would also like to thank the fans for their support, because we play the second day in a row is hard, but we were supported and drove forward. (Press service of the "Tractor")

Hawks smash Ufimtsev, omark are missing a large fine

"Salavat Yulaev" (Ufa) – "avant-guard" (Omsk oblast) – 2:7 (0:2, 2:3, 0:2)

"In the playoffs you can't"

the First match of a series "Salavat Yulaev" and "Avant-garde" was just incredible. Nine goals, the "comeback" guests with 0:3, five points the Topic of Hartikainen, four – Linus Odarka, the replacement goalies on both sides! Perhaps, none of the parallel passing seven confrontations like the story is not. Atmospheric story about what happened during this duel, published on the club youtube channel a press-service "Avant-garde".

the Defender "hawks" Vitaly Menshikov after the game he analysed the errors the team: "we Need to come out with maximum concentration. We are, in principle, expect such a game from Ufa. All three goals were the first with longitudinal transmission: players dragged the puck, the second and third ran to meet it. You need to take a stick your rival to the end with him to go." A defender of "Salavat" Stanislav Gareev noted that the Ufa did not plan to act so openly: "of Course, I didn't expect there would be that many goals. In the playoffs you cannot play, we will improve".

a Hat-trick of Petersson and 5+20 Odarka

As before, the starting lineup of "Avant-garde" came Dominik Furch, but the gate "Salavat" with the first shift this time defended Ivan Nalimov. After exchanging penalties, opponents tested each other at most, after which the situation began to develop mirrored the previous meeting. It 3:0 after 20 minutes of the game were the owners, and now – 2:0 led guests. Opened the scoring Andrew Petterson: Maxim Berezin found transfer free from the tutelage of the Swede, and the one with the brush flashed Nalimov. And in the next change (nine seconds!) accurate roll failed Ansel Galimov.

Closer to the middle of the meeting Petterson the result is gorgeous Trenchtown scored twice (after removal of Grigory Panin), and all we had to do to the hawks is not to repeat past mistakes of ulaeva. But no wonder this series was called perhaps the most unpredictable in the first round. Further goals rained down as if from a torn sack, the teams forgot about defense! Efforts Panina and Vladimir Tkachev the hosts quickly reduced the deficit to the minimum again and then let go of the "avant-garde" three goals ahead, contributed to this Pyotr Khokhryakov and Mikhail Fisenko.

the final segment in a frame of "Salavat" was sent Andrei Karev, and "dry" he did not stay long. Linus omark are immediately after the starting faceoff earns 5+20 for slashing and the hawks immediately punish his sixth goal – Petersson prepares a hat-trick. Completed the dressing Ufimtsev Semyon Koshelev – 7:2, in the second match in a row the teams demonstrated higher performance, this time by nine goals to two.

Photoblog: 05.03.18. The CHL season 2017/18. The playoffs. "Salavat Yulaev" (Ufa) - "avant-guard" (Omsk oblast)

Gherman Titov, the head coach "Avant-garde":

Want your team and fans to congratulate with the victory. Made conclusions after the first game. Tried to close the first link of the Ufa team, we did it. Concerned that very undisciplined played, a lot of unforced deletions. It is necessary to remove, because you play two very good teams, especially at the Ufa has a very strong majority.

the Erkki of Westerlund, the head coach "Salavat Yulaev":

- I can only thank our fans. They were good today. We played bad. I hope our players will believe in themselves as well as fans. Today we played badly. Bad start. Had opportunities to get back in the game, but we didn't use them. (Press service of HC "Salavat Yulaev")

Azevedo the role of Savior of Kazan

"AK bars" (Kazan) – "the Cupid" (Khabarovsk) – 3:2 (0:1, 2:1, 1:0)

"the Little goalie with the big heart"

First ever match in the playoffs did not bring the "Cupid" of positive emotions. "AK bars" confirmed the title favorite, won the meeting (3:0) and led the series 1-0.

Kazan really were stronger – they had a huge amount of time in the area of Khabarovsk, and also loaded the goalkeeper "the Cupid" yippee Metsola. After the match the head coach of guests Andrey Martemyanov very nice said about the play of his goalkeeper: "Metsola, though small, but he has a big heart. Kept until the end."

the head coach of "AK Bars" Zinetula Bilyaletdinov after the first game said that his team need to fix a few bugs. Looks like the second match with "Cupid" were seriously preparing for not only the players but the staff.

the Publication of the Hockey club "AK bars" (@hcakbars) Mar 5, 2018 at 7:54 PST

the Winning goal Azevedo

"the Cupid" in the first period, managed to do something that has not happened in the previous game to score a goal. Jan Kolar threw from the blue line, had a rebound, and then Kirill Rasskazov opened the account. "AK the leopard" attacked the entire first period, but to break Metsalu couldn't. But it happened at the start of the second period. Only 20 seconds passed from the start of the segment, as Anton lander scored.

In the second period citizens of Kazan also had the advantage, won the right to break the bullet – it is not implemented Vladimir Tkachev, but the segment ended with a draw score. First, the "AK bars" came forward Stanislav Galiev efforts, but a worthy response to that puck and found Tomas Thorny. The players gave the attacker the "Cupid" of the "green" corridor in his area – and he didn't miss. Kazan has long been playing in the format "5 to 3", but to benefit from it wards Bilyaletdinov failed.

Photoblog: 05.03.18. The CHL season 2017/18. The playoffs. "AK bars" (Kazan) - "the Cupid" (Khabarovsk)

"AK Bars" was able to come forward only in the end of regular time. Jiri Cleaver dumped – Justin Azevedo put a stick. Metsola was powerless. The last seconds of the game were very nervous, but the hosts managed to keep the advantage. "AK bars" took the series 2-0. The team moved to Khabarovsk.

Andrey Martemyanov, head coach of "Cupid":

- the game was the combat, nervous, nobody wanted to concede. Stalled in the majority, we understand. Was the intensity of the playoffs, we have added in comparison with last match. For many guys this is the first playoffs where they must score and pull the team, they gain experience.

Zinetula Bilyaletdinov, head coach of "AK Bars":

- Teams fight, well done guys, all try, the returns are high. We will prepare for the next match. ("Business Online")