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West: three doubles and 11 goals in St. Petersburg, Sorokin today, "Spartacus"

News of the KHL 05.03.2018 at 18:45

Rascals: the ninth goal in six games - winning

"CSKA" (Moscow) – "Spartak" (Moscow) – 1:0 (1:0, 0:0, 0:0)

the Second match of the Cup Derby again left for CSKA, and "Spartak" again could not score. The fate of the match was decided by a single goal by Maxim Shalunov early in the first period.

the First match of the Cup confrontation ended with the defeat of "Spartak" - 0:6. Moreover, the main contribution to the victory was put by those for whom the current playoffs – first in the NHL-like career. Scored a double, Mikhail Grigorenko, one of the goals on account of a 19-year-old Nikita Popugaeva. Game young hockey player said the President of CSKA Igor Esmantovich. "Popugaeva had the chance, and he used it - it is very important to him from the standpoint of psychology. He needs to continue to work hard and train more than others to declare themselves in full voice," said the Esmantovich TASS.

Spoke about the start in the playoffs and Grigorenko. "The result doesn't reflect the match, the game was difficult and rather tense. We convert our chances, and they are not. Our goalie Ilya Sorokin played well," said he.

CSKA in his Instagram quickly prepared a post dedicated to two young striker.

the Publication of the Hockey club CSKA Moscow (@hccska) Mar 4, 2018 at 3:09 PST

After the first match some of the fans "Spartaka" have wondered when their favorite team last scored in the playoffs? It was more than seven years ago – 27 Feb 2011. On this day is red-white have lost SKA – 3:4 and was eliminated in the first round.

Before the second duel of CSKA has suffered the loss. SDK KHL, having considered the episode first period of the match on March 4, in which the soldier Artem Blazhievskii attacked the Spartak Ilya Talalaeva, gave him a disciplinary penalty and suspended for two matches.

With the composition of "Spartacus" has been one major change was not included in the application Kirill Koltsov – his place in the first pair took Evgeny Kulik. The army team was not Mikhail Naumenkov, Jeff Platt, and Greg Scott. Their places were taken by Artem Sergeyev, Roman Lyubimov Igor Ozhiganov and Andrey Kuzmenko.

Shalunov wins the team

the Beginning of the match was very similar to what the audience had seen the day before. The total pressure of the hosts working in the sweat of Spartak goalie Nikita Bespalov. Red-and-white almost did not think about the attack, and several times found themselves in possessions of Ilya Sorokin.

Photoblog: 05.03.18. The CHL season 2017/18. The playoffs. CSKA (Moscow) - "Spartak" (Moscow)

And in the sixth minute of the CSKA advantage was embodied in a goal. Cyril Whims outside the gates of Villa Laurena confused and made a pass into the forgotten Spartak Maxim Shalunov. CSKA striker didn't miss and scored his ninth (!) goal in the last six games. Despite the fact that the first period ended in the end in favor of CSKA, the shots with an amazing score of 17:5, the score remained the same. This can be explained only with bad luck, red-blue, and heroic game Bespalova.

, Little has changed after the break. Except that Spartacus began to bother Sorokin. Confidence "Spartak" gave a confident game in the minority – the guests stood twice in a row. However, fracture is not made – Spartak attack was episodes, the army resembled the conveyor.

In the third period, the share fell Bespalova perhaps the most serious challenge in the penalty box one after another went to Alexei Bondarev and Aleksandr Dergachev. But "Spartak" has coped with this.

In the end, CSKA without special problems has kept the minimum win and lead the series 2-0.

Vadim Vadim epanchitsev, the head coach "Spartaka":

- a Good Cup match, where the first plan left the game goalkeepers. Also mean a lot in such matches action on special teams. Most enough for us and for the opponent. But the implementation is lame... Prepare further.

Igor Nikitin, the head coach of CSKA:

- I Agree with my colleague: goalkeepers had a good game. We got a lot of minorities because of their unforced errors, have complicated to themselves life. But has fulfilled this element of the game. Tough match, he became a lesson to us. No underestimating the opponent can't, we respect him. But in the playoffs is not enough just to play with discipline. It is important not to give the opponent a chance. And today we gave them enough.

Four heads "Severstal" was not enough

"SKA" (St.-Petersburg) – "Severstal" (Cherepovets) – 7:4 (1:1, 4:2, 2:1)

"We did everything right,"

the Current holder of the Gagarin Cup rivals for the first round has got "Severstal", before the last day of the regular season fighting for the playoffs. However, the first game a cakewalk for SKA did not. The third period cherepovchane had the lead, and when the latter went ahead, guests were able to push the match into overtime. Petersburgers saved captain Pavel Datsyuk scored a spectacular goal in extra time, he brought the hosts a victory.

it is Interesting that the team of Oleg Znarka in the course of the meeting has not earned a single deletion. Commented on this fact the captain and the leader of "Severstal" Dmitry Kagarlitsky: "SKA played very actively, we are in the third period, is holding tight to the gate, but scored well. So, did everything right. In overtime there were two suspensions, it is difficult in the minority to shoot. Without removal the game would be leveled". He Kagarlitsky in this game to beat the level of 250 points in the NHL, in the morning his score was 251 (91+160) points.

the Atmosphere of the first match of the playoffs in St. Petersburg – in photos from "instagram" SKA.

the Publication from SKA ice Hockey club (@hcska) Mar 4, 2018 at 9:56 am PST

Kagarlitsky said Datsyuk and Gusev

Already in the opening meeting "Severstal" has shown that it is willing to continue in the same spirit. In the fourth minute at the gate Mikko Koskinen puck comes to Dmitri Kagarlitsky, who in turn opens an account. Then there was the first in this play-off removal of the SKA, fucked up Vyacheslav Voynov and after some time another super goal came up with Pavel Datsyuk. However, here one should give credit to Anton Belov: he saw near Julius Hudacek open Datsyuk in the right time.

the advantage of the "soldiers" were there, but not very tangible. At least in physics "Severstal" terrible SKA has not lost any. This is clearly demonstrated for the second period, during which two teams scored as many as six goals.

First, the hosts got two goals ahead within individual minute scored Nikita Gusev (after the brilliant "blind" pass to Maxim Karpov) and Viktor Tikhonov. And then cherepovchane again equalized numbers on the scoreboard! Did it Kagarlitsky and Alexei Ugarov: the first easily escaped from the 18-year-old Daniel Galenika, the second beat Koskinen paused. Then, however, the Petersburgers once again held a comfortable advantage, the efforts of Alexander Barabanov and Gusev.

the final leg of the team didn't slow down, and soon completely deprived guests any hope Datsyuk – his double was in the fight the third. In the end scored and Ilya Kablukov, then Hudacek at the gate of the guests was replaced by Alexei artukhin. Followed later Mateja Stransky goal already solved nothing. And Pavel Datsyuk, Nikita Gusev tonight scored three points, but Gusev for 10 minutes before the final siren got injured and disappeared into the locker room.

Photoblog: 05.03.18. The CHL season 2017/18. The playoffs. SKA (St.-Petersburg) - "Severstal" (Cherepovets)

Alexander Gulyavtsev, head coach of "Severstal":

- I my boys to blame for anything. They fight, fight against the best team in Russia at the moment. They are thugs. Something, something there. Prepare for the next match of the series. We will work to win at least one match in Cherepovets.

Oleg Znarok, head coach of SKA:

- the Playoffs are hard, with whoever we're playing. At the beginning the match was difficult, then scored. And preparing for the next game. It's hard to say why the first period has not happened. Circumstances have changed links. Someone's not feeling very well. ("Championship")