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Fantasy preview of the matches of playoffs March 7

News of the KHL 07.03.2018 at 04:00

Today, the playoffs will be held from 8 matches quarter finals of the Conferences. Six pairs will hold the third series of matches, and two more pairs will play the fourth game. Of the sixteen teams participating in today's game of the day, you can collect several attractive fantasy teams. Four of the "Avant-garde", Kagarlitsky from "Severstal, expensive, but extremely effective Shalunov from CSKA and other interesting for a draft pick hockey players in a traditional fantasy preview

Fantasy preview "the Cupid" – "AK bars"

After two wins in the series prices for the NBA draft many players of "AK Bars" has grown, and therefore the analysis of the composition of the Kazan club we recommend you to pay attention to the cost of the choice. The most interesting from this point of view, the "leopard" look forwards Justin Azevedo ($12 754) and Stanislav Galiev ($12 384). Both hockey players is having a series in the playoffs in two matches Azevedo scored a total of 44.6 points, and Galiev has earned a total of 32.4 fantasy points. The "Amur" relatively well from the point of view of a virtual statistics look forwards Tomas Thorny ($11 446) and the Cyril Stories ($7 043), the assets of which, respectively, at 19.6 and 16.6 points for the second match of the series.

Fantasy preview "avant-garde" – "Salavat Yulaev"

a Major defeat of "Salavat" in the last match, as well as moving a series to Omsk suggests that draft players in the Ufa team, in fantasy team in the third match of the series – employment, at least, risky. At the same time in the composition of the hawks have several players with a stunning ratio of price-quality, we propose to look for when picking your virtual team. Forwards the "hawks" Dmitry Kugryshev ($7 964) and Ansel Galimov ($5 106) gain in the play-offs an average of 17 and 12.2 points, respectively, while the defenders of the Omsk club Maxim Chudinov ($9 766) and Maxim Mineev ($10 308) – 9, 9 and 12.7, respectively. Such statistics and the price of a draft pick do four of these players "Avant-garde" favorites to get into your fantasy football team for today's matches.

Fantasy preview "the Metallurgist" Mg – "the Motorist"

In the "Motorist", we offer you to look at the three best fantasy players of the second game of the series, Ilya Krikunova ($14 005), Egor Milovzorov ($5 034) and Alexander Kucheryavenko ($10 243). In the previous game forwards Yekaterinburg earned, respectively, to 22.8, to 19.6 and 18.4 points in the last three matches they also looked good and scored average of 15.3, 9.9 and 8.1 points per game. From "metallurg" is as interesting for the selection of players from the point of view of the virtual there are no statistics, but note the attackers Eugene Timkina ($14 826) and Wojtek Wolski ($425 15), in each of the last three match forwards gaining an average of 10+ points.

Fantasy preview "Severstal" – SKA

four hockey players SKA has successfully conducted the first two games of the playoffs, which earned a respectable number of fantasy points. Among them are the team leaders with a high price of draft such as Nikita Gusev ($16 397), Pavel Datsyuk ($16 020) and Vyacheslav Voynov ($14 739), and relatively inexpensive to select Anton Belov ($11 071). Gusev, Datsyuk and Belov type in the play-offs to average 20+ points, indicators Voynov slightly worse (12.7 points per game), but for a defender it is more than a decent result. In an analysis of the "Severstal" stands a clear leader, which is visible to the naked eye. We are talking about Dmitri Kagarlitsky, who is in the matches of the playoffs by 20+ points, and his choice worth $12 209. With such a ratio the price-quality Dmitry is one of the main favorites to get into your fantasy football team.

Fantasy preview "Neftekhimik" – "Tractor"

After two defeats in a series in the "Neftekhimik" there is not one interesting, in terms of fantasy hockey statistics, so in this pair we will focus only on the players "Tractor". In the composition of Chelyabinsk it's worth noting two forwards – Alex Kruchinina ($13 721) and Linus Vidella ($14 160). Both players are in great shape and with the cost of their draft pick is not prohibitively high. Kruchinin in their last three games, gaining average of 22.6 points, and, Widely – 15,1. Also among the "Traktorozavodsky" you can pay attention to the attacking Igor Polygalova ($16 474) and Richard Gynge ($16 086), have similar statistics, but the draft critically high, and therefore the selection of these players in your fantasy team will be more controversial.

Fantasy preview "torpedo" – "locomotive"

Only one victory separates the "railroad" from ½ of the Conference finals and, probably, the citizens will endeavor to complete the series today. According to the results of the previous games for the price of a promising draft pick to select in your fantasy team "Loko" look forwards Petri Kontiola ($7 245), Brandon Kozun ($10 170) and defenseman Staffan Kronwall ($14 744), each of them earned 10+ points in the third game of the series. From the "torpedo" we only note the defender Yuri Sergienko ($11 394), who scored two of the three games of the playoffs 10+ fantasy points.

Fantasy preview Spartak – CSKA

by far the best fantasy player of the pair is forward of CSKA Maxim Shalunov ($17 170), who scored in the last five games, 122 points (24.4 points a game). This is the best indicator among all players of teams in the playoffs, however the price of its choice natural is one of the highest in the League. In addition Shalunova CSKA recommend you to pay attention to the striker Cyril Kaprizova ($11 427) and defender Nikita Nesterov ($8 513), looming in the playoffs (of 13.2 and 11.1 points per game, respectively), because the price for their draft pick is more than acceptable. From outside "Spartaka" after two defeats promising for the selection of players is, unfortunately, no.

Fantasy preview "Sochi" – "Jokerit"

Second consecutive defeat from Jokerit allowed from nine Finnish hockey club to score 10+ virtual points in the third game of the series. From them we have selected three players with the lowest price selection and the most points scored in the previous matches. Olli Palola ($12 616), Pekka iormakka dynasty ($9 925) Themselves Lepista ($11 281) gaining on average, 22, 15.5 and 16.3 points in each game of the playoffs, while their selection is relatively small virtual money. In the HC "Sochi" note forward Sean Collins ($11 329), earned in two of the three matches of the playoffs 16,6 points.