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Fantasy preview matches of the playoffs on March 8

News of the KHL 08.03.2018 at 04:00

Today in the KHL will host six matches of the fourth day's play ¼ finals Conferences. In the confrontation between SKA and "Severstal" CSKA and "Spartak" and "Tractor" and "Neftekhimik" outcomes series can be solved already today. Selection of the best virtual statistics players of today's games in our traditional fantasy preview. Fantasy preview "the Cupid" – "AK bars"

After the unexpected defeat in the third game of the series, many of the hockey players of "AK Bars" expected to become less attractive for selection in your fantasy football team. But from the composition Kazantsev recommend you to pay attention to forwards Vladimir Tkachev ($12 161) and Stanislav Galiev ($11 777), gaining in the play-offs to average 9.7 and 13.9 points. "Amur" has a good chance to continue the struggle in the series, especially today, the match will again be held in Khabarovsk. Among players of the far Eastern commands note the attackers Tomasz Sogornoe ($12 546) earning in the last two games in an average of 13.6 points and Vyacheslav Litovchenko ($7 513) scored in the third game of the series of 23.6 fantasy points.

Fantasy preview "avant-garde" – "Salavat Yulaev"

Best fantasy player of the series in terms of price-quality among the two teams is without doubt one of the forward "Avant-guard" Dmitry Kugryshev ($7 622). At the extremely low price of a draft pick Dmitry can boast of 17.2 points scored in average per match of the playoffs. In addition Kugryshev in Omsk look good forwards Andre Petersson ($13 470) and Johan sundström ($5 503), gaining by 20+ points average in the last two games. From the same "Salavat" is still as attractive a choice of two hockey player, growing in a series of the highest number of fantasy points Linus omark are ($16 194) and the Theme of Hartikainen ($928 14). They earn the play-offs to average 17-18 points, however the price for their draft definitely "bite".

Fantasy preview "the Metallurgist" Mg – "the Motorist"

the Main star of the pair ahead of the fourth match of the series without a doubt is the legend "Metallurgist" Sergey mozyakin ($13 682), who scored in the previous match his 500-th goal in the Championships of Russia. In addition to the amazing record in the asset Mozyakin 20+ fantasy points in two of the three games of the playoffs. Also from the "MMK" may be interesting to select forward Evgeni Timkin ($14 145), earning an average of 12.6 points in the last two matches. From the "Motorist" to select promising look forward Anatoly Golyshev ($11 237) and Ilya Krikunov ($9 313), earning in the last four matches is an average of 13 fantasy points.

Fantasy preview "Severstal" – SKA

Despite the defeat of "Severstal" in the third consecutive match of the series, the best fantasy player in this pair is forward "Steelworkers" Dmitry Kagarlitsky ($11 609) gaining on average in every game of the playoffs at 21.5 points, at a price of $11 609 makes it one of the main contenders of the day's play to choose from in your virtual team. The SKA can also zataplivat several players, though in this case you need to pay attention to the price of the draft. Note defender Patrick Hursley ($16 426), and forwards Nikita Gusev ($14 718), Maxim Karpov ($13 162) and Pavel Datsyuk ($7 612). They all get 10+ points games in the playoffs, the price of choice Datsyuk dropped significantly compared to the previous game days, so we recommend first of all to pay attention to one of the leaders of CSKA.

Fantasy preview Spartak – CSKA

the Third game of the series did not bring the players of both teams a significant number of fantasy points, so choose the players from this pair in the team for today's game day. Spartak nobody stands out for the third game in a row, so today hockey players "red-white" for the choices we recommend will not, and that's the part of CSKA there are a few contenders for a place in your fantasy teams. First of all it will forward Maxim Shalunov ($16 979), for five consecutive games gaining 10+ points. Also, possible, will be of interest to forward Sergei Shumakov ($105 14) and defenseman Nikita Nesterov ($7 886), gaining in the play-offs to average 9-11 points.

Fantasy preview "Neftekhimik" – "Tractor"

In this pair, we note as an interesting to select from four of the leading forwards in the series "Tractor" and not a single player "Neftekhimik". Looking at the statistics of the best players in Chelyabinsk, I want to zataplivat them all at once, but the price of choice, obviously, give our opinion of sobriety. Fantastic four looks like the following: Igor polygalov ($16 290), Richard Gynge ($15 629), Alexei Kruchinin ($13 069) and Linus, Widell ($13 469). These players draw in the play-offs to average 14-22 points, even despite the high prices of a draft forces us to think carefully over the choice of players "the Tractor" in our fantasy teams.