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Kvartalnov again stronger today. The results of a series "the locomotive" – "torpedo"

News of the KHL 08.03.2018 at 11:00

Minimal advantage jaroslavtsev in all matches, awakened legions of "railway" and the lack of a sniper in Nizhniy Novgorod – sums up a series of "Locomotive" and "torpedo".

Dmitry Kvartalnov and Peteris Skudra who had once worked together, first time meet in the play-offs. A few years ago, Kvartalnov has already beat Skudra – then coach Yaroslavtsev worked in CSKA. Now history repeated itself. The team Kvartalnov was stronger and spent a victory in the series in just four games.

West: Cocciante saves SKA, Lokomotiv wins the series, "torpedo"

How was the series

Many experts, journalists and fans called the series "Locomotive" and "torpedo" the most unpredictable in the first round of the Gagarin Cup. Talked about the fact that the teams operate in a similar manner, but the advantage was given all the same citizens. The "railroad" corny more skilled players. Looking ahead, we note that this has an impact on the final result.

Lokomotiv won both games in Yaroslavl, solving the problem max at home games. Two matches ended with the same score 2:1. Moreover, in the second game Petri Kontiola brought victory to the team Kvartalnov over 100 (!) seconds before the end of normal time. The citizens showed their maximum in these meetings, and the head coach noted that "the locomotive" has failed the beginning of the matches. Not notice that it was really difficult. "Torpedo" acted much more active at the start and both times I opened the account.

Arrived in Nizhny Novgorod, Lokomotiv has rebuilt and added physically. This was not quite ready to "torpedo". In the third game, the hosts had lost during the match with the score 0:2 – no such advantages in Yaroslavl "railroad" was not. Yes, the team Skudra equalized, but lost at the beginning of overtime. A similar situation exists in the fourth match when Lokomotiv was leading 2:1, the hosts bounced back, and in extra time the citizens put the squeeze on the opponent.

the"torpedo" for four meetings scored six goals – this is clearly not enough to beat Yaroslavl. The citizens noticeably not enough of a sniper in this season's playoffs.

Key points

"a torpedo" looked not worse the rival in the second match. And if Yaroslavl players in the end did not take the case, the series would have happened the first overtime. But for 100 seconds before the siren Kontiola brought a victory "the locomotive" in the main time. This Victoria provided the team Kvartalnov comfortable advantage before the trip to Nizhny Novgorod – it was hard to lose.

In the final match of the series with the score 2:2 Staffan Kronwall scored twice and brought Lokomotiv ahead in the end game. Skudra asked the referees to watch an episode on the subject of offside. After a very long view goal was disallowed. As it turned out – this only angered Yaroslavtsev. They recovered quickly, returned the game tone and in overtime put the squeeze on "torpedo".


Artem Ilienko (Lokomotiv Moscow)

What is the guy in the first round held for only two games? Answer. Artem Ilienko scored two goals – and both of them was victorious. In the very first game of the series on account of his second goal of "Locomotive". Then the attacker was blocked by one of the most powerful shots and was injured. To recover Artem managed only the fourth meeting and once again became a hero. In overtime, he was possessed by Vsevolod Bobrov – otherwise you could not tell. Ilyenko swept behind the goal and brought the puck into the unprotected corner.

Petri Kontiola (Lokomotiv Moscow)

Yaroslavl legionaries very pale held the first meeting with the "torpedo", but then remembered that they are the leaders of "Locomotive". Petri Kontiola scored in the second match winning goal, and then in the course of the series gave four assists. More points per match – very decent result.


Dmitry Kvartalnov, the head coach of "Locomotive":

- you Know, it was a very good series. For Peteris she was principled. Of course, we can say that 4-0 in the series, but the line was very, very narrow. And today, even if you look overtime, in overtime, where we kept the goalkeeper in the game, we missed a couple of attacks. In General we have played a lot of young guys who did not participate in the playoffs for them is a very large school. It's such a strain for them in every match, it's great for them and they will be a plus.

Peteris Skudra, head coach of "torpedo":

- had to score. Weak implementation of the moments, guys. In principle, this is what we had during the season. Better to lose the match 0:5 than to lose by just one goal in overtime. It's very hard. Didn't deserve to end. Was very close in each game but didn't deserve.

Kaspars Daugavins, forward of "torpedo":

- How to recover from a series? Talk to the family. Haven't seen the baby. It is also important that the family support in this difficult time. Now we have to dig in my head to figure out what we lacked in the series. I think everyone will make conclusions and it will only make us stronger. ("Championship")

top scorers of the series

Lokomotiv: Petri Kontiola 5 (1+4) points, Staffan Kronwall 3 (2+1) points, Jakub has Naklada 2 (1+1) points, Artem Ilienko 2 (2+0) points, Brandon Kozun 2 (1+1) points, Alexander kadeikin had 2 (0+2) points, Egor Averin 2 (0+2) points.

torpedo: Yuri Sergienko 4 (2+2) points, Kaspars Daugavins 2 (0+2) points.