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Correcting other people's mistakes...

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From the series:" notes of a climbing doctor."

Foto K. Minaichenko

1986 Spring, Tashkent. Clinical Hospital Of Ministry Of Health №2, Children's Case.

Called the black phone. The doctor picked up the phone. "Resuscitator, emergency room" - the voice Mavluda, nurse triage was tired-even...

Duty Dolittle began at half past three, and now it was already six in the evening, the peak of all troubles and misfortunes, when hurrying home people hurry to finish all the daily business and begin to make mistakes, and then running for help to the hospital...

"there is no Worse punishment to correct the mistakes of others" thought the doctor, going to the emergency room, bypassing the Elevator, the stairs...

He heard the row is already in the corridor. Zarifa shouted, the doctor on duty, the father accept the child - "come on Passport, residence permit, look!" "I did not take your passport with you!" - a cry answered the cry father.