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News. Etush was stunned after learning about the birth of his daughter Vitorgan

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 08.03.2018 at 11:47

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The Majority of fans and colleagues congratulated Emmanuel Vitorgan with the birth of his daughter. Baby Ethel was born on February 26, and, according to friends, Emmanuel gedeonovich could not restrain his emotion on seeing the daughter. As it turns out, the actor Vladimir Etush, too, could not restrain his emotions, after learning about the new addition to the family colleagues. Vladimir Abramovich this year will mark the 96 th anniversary, and, it would seem that the artist is difficult something to surprise. Nevertheless. "In the morning the whole Internet is full of discussion on the topic of birth in the family of Irene and Emanuel Vitorgan. Reported by Vladimir Abramovich in the news, in passing after reading a few angry reviews from the Internet about the age of the parents. Vladimir Abramovich thought for literally a second and said:"***! (the highest degree of surprise)". The translation: "Congratulations"," – wrote in social networks, the wife of Maitre Elena Etush. Some asked the ladies would not want her to follow the example of the couple Vitorgan? But Richter answered without equivocation: "Before it was necessary. Well, imagine a situation like in summer with an injury: Vladimir Abramovich in the intensive care unit paralyzed. And I? Three months in the next bed. And if the child?" We will remind, the wife of the 78-year-old Emmanuel Vitorgan, Irina has decided on an independent childbirth at the age of 55 years. As confirmed by the doctors today the opportunity of a normal pregnancy no longer dependent on age and health status of women. Earlier we wrote: Kudryavtseva revealed the secret Vitorgan. Leading reported the appearance of the third child of Emmanuel Gedeonovich. Maxim Vitorgan told about the arranged marriage. The actor boasted that lucky wife. Maxim Vitorgan attached to high fashion. Husband and wife – one Satan. Photo source:

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