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Weekly compilation of beautiful effects in CSS/SVG/JS #73

Css-live - Severstal your world! 09.03.2018 at 20:15

Community that speaks the languages of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Selection of fresh effects, interesting ideas and useful suggestions. Three-dimensional town

Click and hold the cursor you can "twist" the landscape.

looks Spectacular in full page mode.

Technology: canvas, JS.

Author: Dave Desandro (@desandro)

See live example

Shuffling cards at the Vue

Button to Shuffle the deck is shuffled. Buttons Slow — Medium — Fast, you can control the speed.

Technology: CSS, Vue.js.

Author: Dj Hassan (@itslit)

See live example

Animation page unsubscribe from a list

Click on buttons to view animations.

Technology: SVG, CSS transforms, GSAP.

Author: agathaco (@agathaco)

See live example

Generator houses

a New set is generated by clicking anywhere on the canvas.

Technology: SVG, CSS, JS.

Author: smlsvnssn (@smlsvnssn)

See live example

Changing font size using CSS variables

the Slider at the top changes the font size.

Technology: CSS grids, CSS variables, JS.

Author: Dronca Raul (@rauldronca)

See live example

Tumbleweed on the blank page of a search result

the re-generated on click anywhere.

Technology: CSS animations, CSS transforms, JS.

Author: Aidan Breen (@aido179-1471800764)

See live example

SVG masks are now supported in React, demonstration

Technology: CSS, React, GSAP, Draggable.js.

Author: Chris Gannon (@chrisgannon)

See live example

password Generator for Vue

controls can change the composition and length of the password.

Technology: CSS, Vue.js.

Author: Nur SOUD (@nourabusoud)

See live example

"folding" a modal window

Window is opened by the Open button at the top left.

Technology: CSS, SVG, GSAP.

Author: Blake Bowen (@osublake)

See live example

Progress bar along the perimeter of the page While scrolling yellow bar goes clockwise starting from the top left corner.

Technology: CSS, jQuery.js.

Author: Thomas Wait (@thomasvaeth)

See live example

Wishes and ideas for next releases are welcome in the comments.