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Dave Mustaine: "Well, that Grammy never introduced Metallica as" 07.03.2018 at 15:16

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Frontman of the band "Megadeth" Dave Mustaine (Dave Mustaine) once said in an interview that he had not heard that played by a local band at the Grammys, when I went out to get the coveted prize:

"We many times nominated, which, of course, cool is very flattering. But not indefinitely say, “Oh, I'm so glad that I just nominated” (laughs). So I remember very well that when we finally won, as presented, was not very. Margaret Cho (Margaret Cho), which announced us, he said, "And won the "Distopia", but really needed to say that I won "Megadeth", because the winner is the band, not the song. There was a pause, and then we went up. And then, the harmonies, the music was playing, and I did not notice her. We just went out to get his. And someone said to me, “did you hear what they were playing when you received the award?” And I said, “No.” It is obvious that they played the song "Metallica." And I said, “Yes, I'm not particularly mad at them because they are very, very poorly done its job.” Well at least not announced us as Metallica at the Grammys!"

Mustaine was also asked how he first met Metallica bassist cliff Burton (Cliff Burton). And Dave did not miss the chance to talk about how he put the main riff from the song "Sweet Home Alabama" group "Lynyrd Skynyrd in the product that later became the song's vocal-instrumental ensemble "Metallica" "The Four Horsemen" (in the original version known as "The Mechanix").

"We with cliff became really close" he said. "And I remember he had some kind of craving for "Lynyrd Skynyrd". And I remember once going to the rehearsal. We listened to "Sweet Home Alabama". And Lars [drummer of the band "Metallica" Lars Ulrich (Lars Ulrich)] says [parody Ulrich]: "Oh, man, we need to slow this part in the middle." I said, "Okay." Well, I mean, to play [sings riff to "Sweet Home Alabama"]. I played "Sweet Home Alabama", and he didn't know. And he parodies Ulrich]: "Damn! It's fucking brilliant, man." I said, "Okay, so be it". So I threw [the last part of the riff of "Sweet Home Alabama"]. So Dave Mustaine, and "Lynyrd Skynyrd" wrote "The Four Horsemen".