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Scientists have decoded the message of Nostradamus about the split of the Earth

NEWS PLANET 10.03.2018 at 08:55

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Back in the distant past Nostradamus predicted the split of the planet. Previously, scientists were at a loss to explain the message, but recently they were still able to figure out what is meant by the astrologer.

According to the prophecies, humanity awaits the collapse: every year the number of accidents will increase, and in the end will be a split of the “blue ball”. For several years the scientist from Russia Alexander Lazarev tried to unravel the thoughts of Nostradamus, and now finally can present the results of their work.

So, this year will unfold a bloody war on French territory. The fighting has affected many European States. In addition, in 2018 will fall to Earth a huge space object that will split the planet apart. Africa is much further away from the mainland Eurasia.

Most of the predictions are gloomy and frightening. It is worth noting that some of them are already coming true. Of positive prophecy: people will be able to understand animals and will find a way to extend the life of up to two hundred years.