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How to draw an owl

My Baby 10.03.2018 at 15:05

Internet magazine for young parents

The Owl is easily identified by its appearance. She has different color feathers, but the beak is short and carnivorous, claws sharp and long, eyes large and round. Before you draw a owl step by step, tell the baby more interesting information about this bird. For example, what she eats and where it lives.

the Parents and the baby can learn in this lesson how to draw an owl, to get a beautiful picture of the bird.

Tools and materials:



— the eraser to remove unnecessary details;

— colored pencils for coloring.

Everything you need to paint is. Therefore, we can proceed to the steps below to learn in detail how to draw an owl pencil nice and realistic.

the Stages of drawing that will help you to get the owl pattern:

About how to draw an owl, many can learn from this lesson. In the first stage we start to draw the head of the bird which will consist of two "drops". Their disposable at an angle so the head turned slightly. We connect two circuit small arc.

and Then continue to depict a night-bird and you need to know how to draw the owl with a pencil in stages. In the bottom part of the picture add the breast in the form of semi-circle, and then porisuem another round, which will be the body of a bird. Retractable eraser top contour and dorisovyvaet at the bottom of the tail in the form of simple lines.

will Draw a twig, consisting of two horizontal lines that run parallel to each other. Kept the bird on the branch with claws. Their draw in the form of an oblong droplets, which have sharp ends.

In the middle of each "drop" on the face draw big eyes. Dorisovyvaet pupils and a few glare. Between the two shapes have a small beak, consisting of two parts.

Dorisovyvaet cilia and tracing his outline.

Black pencil painted two of the pupil, the delicate area around the eyes, long eyelashes and upper part of the muzzle. They also draw the circuit.

Painted a branch of a tree and the bird a light brown pencil.

Use other shades of brown pencils to create a three-dimensional plumage on the body and face of an owl.

the Eyes will have different shades. So we use blue, beige and yellow. For the beak and claws on the legs use only the yellow pencil.

Green crayons to create the background around the owl to show the leaves of the tree.

the outline of the birds and tree branches, finalizing with a black pencil.

you Get this owl pattern that leads nocturnal. Her eyes see well in the dark, so they help her hunt this time of day.

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