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Caesarean section – is it possible to give birth to triplets naturally? My experience

SAPLUSKY 11.03.2018 at 15:38

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Recent years, the choice of type of maternity care in hospitals is increasingly inclined to natural childbirth, if not pathologies, but there are exceptions. One of these exclusions – multiple pregnancy. In my case, triplets.

even Though pregnancy took place without complications and pathologies, as my girls grew and gained weight struggling, but when we discussed with the midwife the way in which children will be born, there were no arguments was C-section.

each birth is a risk, but in the case of multiple pregnancy, these risks can be multiplied and to build in a degree.

first, the emergence of a child into the world is the work not only for mom but for baby. It takes a lot of effort. In the case of triplets to bring children up to forty weeks and three pounds is almost impossible. The smaller the baby, the less strength he had, the greater the risk of birth injuries.

secondly, for a successful natural birth is very important to the condition of the uterus. In the case of multiple pregnancy the uterus pererastayut. In the last trimester, the children most actively gaining weight, and the ability of the womb to stretch finite. The kids begin to suffer, crushing each other and all of my mother's internal organs. In this state, hardly talking about good fights or attempts.

thirdly, the high risk of so-called "clutch" of children in the birth process. In fact, children may become entangled not only in the umbilical cord, but also in parts of the body to each other. Such complications will never go unnoticed and often lethal. Especially risky if a few children have one amniotic sack and one placenta. In this case, the risk of "clutch" is much higher, and plus, there is the danger of oxygen starvation for a second baby in the SAC.

In my case the situation was unique because my stomach grew to three children, two of whom were identical twins (one SAC, one placenta).

Given all this, the choice fell on caesarean section at 32 weeks. Because elective surgery is always safer and easier than an emergency intervention.

the Kids agreed with our plan and were born at exactly 32 weeks weighing 1700 grams to 2250 grams. Outside, they "ask" yourself. Labor begins at night. We were in the hospital for another examination, and the doctors were next.

Another important point: anesthesia. General anesthesia, once in the blood, in seconds passes the placenta and reaches the baby, which increases the risk of breathing problems. Given the prematurity and underdeveloped lungs, and this risk and decided to reduce and stayed for spinal anesthesia.

the Event is not pleasant. Shot in the spine noticeable but quite tolerable. And if the balance of the health and lives of children, all doubts gone. Emotionally weird to be awake during surgery, but it's great to see children in the first few seconds of their lives.

the First days after cesarean without a doubt difficult. An absolute feeling that the internal organs "hang out" and "pass" on the inside. And these feelings were more painful than the discomfort from the seam. One cauterized I still allowed myself, as it was necessary to stand up to children every three hours (day and night) to feed and monitor their condition. One night, jumping to the kids, I blew up the outer seam and required additional use of local antibiotic. If there are no complications, the seam is removed 8-10 days.

the Seam is a neat, cosmetic, long not more than 15 cm After three years to find evidence, you need to know that the seam there. And in a place where there was anguish, there was a small scar.

On, life goes on, when one feeding smoothly into the next, as children grow up, like all the other kids.

Caesarean section – is it possible to give birth to triplets naturally? My experience — video

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