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The 8-year history of the Ghost with Blue lakes

Ukraine Abnormal 10.03.2018 at 09:03

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Rich Ukrainian land on the mystical and mysterious stories, not overgrown Hiking trails to places of "mystic glory". Chilling stories with ghosts and ghosts can be heard not only from the TV screen (where often the role of experts are fictional characters and are full of exaggerated stories), but in real life.$CUT$

One of these stories happened 8 years ago, but due to certain circumstances, were not documented. This story in early March of 2018 shared with us the reader, "Ukraine Abnormal", in the hope of finding answers. The whole story boils down to one mysterious picture, on which randomly managed to capture a mysterious human figure.

the Photo of the Ghost of the original image

Blue lake in Chernihiv - the shooting location of a Ghost on the map

It was August 26, 2011 - shares memories photographer from Brovary, Kyiv region Alexander Kuprienko. - I had a rest with friends on the so-called Blue lakes in the Chernihiv region. It Repkinsky district, the village of Oleshnya. When it got dark, started to gather (was staying with relatives who live in the village Factory, what's next). It was a cool night, so the fire is not extinguished yet not Packed. I love photography (not a professional), and decided to try to shoot in different modes lake, the bonfire, the beach, etc. Already on arrival in the house reviewed the photos and noticing the silhouette over the fire, joking that caught a Ghost on film, since every version was that the smoke from the fire. Only a day after returning home in Brovary, I dropped the photos into the computer... and was in shock. Especially when I clarified the and made more contrast in photoshop.

Photo of the Ghost with the play of colors and lighting

in a detailed review of pictures of notable women (or girls), perhaps jumping over the fire. If you increase contrast and brightness you can see the face, but obviously not girls (senile). The opportunity taken to run before or after the fire some of the people the photographer is categorically excluded (as well remembers the time of shooting).

Ghost Face (zoomed in)

I Wonder what the reader can see in the photo: smoke from a fire or the Ghost girl?