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George Vine touched profanity Mikhail Efremov

MComp 11.03.2018 at 18:52

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

The scandal Erupted with swearing of an actor of theater "Contemporary" by Mikhail Efremov. Russian Mat wittingly sounded from the stage. Mikhail Efremov who played in the play spoke directly to the audience, using profanity.

the People who came to the theatre, asked them to return the money for the tickets, because Efremov was drunk, said very quietly, "for everything there is a decibel" sound only taboo words. Efremov refused to comment this information, but pop star of the 90s Yuri Loza refused and said the situation around Russian Mat.

If to sublimate everything said by the singer together, then it follows that we all live in the era of the deformed moral environment. The Mat becomes normative communication, it sounds from the stage and in the theater and on the stage. In the USSR, the people publicly, never mother. It was forbidden and legally and, most importantly, they all had internal brake. Now the "Leningrad" — the most popular in Russia, and none of his speeches is not without impaired vocabulary. Efremov, in this respect, not pioneer, it is lagging behind the outgoing shock value.

meanwhile, summed up Yuriy Loza, today is a good proficiency in the Russian language is becoming a rarity in the cities and villages of Russia. Talking on the Mat, on the Mat I think Mata will soon defend a dissertation.

On the incident with the theater "Contemporary" artist put it clearly: "Who are the actors on the stage? Is just a tool of the Director, which allowed little improvisation. They are not independent people. If the actor gets on the stage of independence, he starts to behave as Efremov".

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