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The chief of Serov city hospital Ivan Boltachev does not hesitate to "smoke" in the hospital premises?.. Video

IGeek — news of high technologies 11.03.2018 at 12:24

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Readers of the Globe have shared with the editors interesting video, which shows the head physician of city hospital Serov Ivan Boltachev (or his twin brother) Smoking in the hospital premises.

the Video was shot on the evening of 2 March.

Recall that on 14 December 2017 Ivan Nikolayich gave a press conference. The physician was asked whether the doctors Smoking in the hospital and the staffroom?

— Not only in ordinatorskoj, but generally they are not allowed to smoke on the territory of the medical institution. But if there are such cases, we (about them) heard them, let's get more details on this issue. I would also like to appeal to the people it is for the same reason, he has repeatedly faced with people who smoke on hospital stairwells, (in) the basement. Repeatedly comments. It is a violation of Federal law and the smell is all the flights of stairs. In principle, this case is punishable by a fine and we were hooked legally to (his staff) were held with the raids and identify violators. Once people were in the facility, he must comply with all the rules of stay, if required by law, that need to smoke for 50 meters from the hospital, then you need to follow. — said Ivan.

on Wednesday the journalist of "Globus" called Ivan Boltaseva to comment on this and other situations. But Ivan Nikolaevich was once — he had a meeting. All questions the doctor asked to address his Deputy for orgettable Elena Shubina, which will appear in the office on Monday.

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