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New Zealand: or, to drop everything and stay here?

Make Russia warm again! 11.03.2018 at 17:21

Make Russia warm again! -

When I announced that soon will move to New Zealand, many readers began to write about how lucky I was. In the view of people New Zealand is a country with fantastic nature, beautiful bays, idyllic beaches and beautiful comfortable cities. It turned out that many dream to move here to live! And quite a large part of people can bring your dream to life. Someone who goes to local colleges and universities, someone gets a work visa. Professional migration there are also quite an interesting situation: in one of the government websites posted a list of the necessary the country, and if you get into it, then your chances of getting a work visa are much higher.

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand, and lives there for approximately 30% of the population. It is clear that many immigrants try to settle this here. So let's see what's good in Auckland and is it worth it to move.

01. Most people live in such small houses. They are either completely private, or divided into several separate apartments, there are also areas with townhouses.

02. It looks like a typical district on the outskirts of Auckland.

will Agree, is very different from the Russian suburbs )

03. But back in Oakland. Home prices start at approximately 2-3 million dollars depending on how close to the sea. I already wrote that the real estate here is very expensive. If we consider the cost of housing in relation to average salary, it turns out that Oakland is in third place in the list of most expensive cities in the world.

04. If you manage to go to New Zealand, it is likely you will live about these homes. Another option is to rent an apartment high-rise residential buildings in the city centre.



07. One of the goals of my visit to New Zealand was the stage of the Volvo Ocean Race. This is the most prestigious round the world regatta in the world. It is carried out since 1973. The regatta starts and ends in Europe, but the exact routes often change from race to race. The current race started in the Spanish city of Alicante in October last year, and the finish in the Hague this June.

08. Yesterday in Auckland was the port stage race. I managed to get on Board one of the yachts and look at it from the inside. It's incredibly cool and spectacular! While I only publish a couple of photos, but do not worry, soon will be released a full report!

09. Someone's new yacht, the ODYSSEY. Was built in 2015.

10. And this is Janice of Wyoming. It was built in 2005 at the new Zealand shipyard. It is designed for 12 people: six guests and six crew members. They say that it belongs to some American businessman.

11. In the port of Auckland to go on a trip like every day there are new beautiful yacht. You can have the whole day to examine and photograph.

12. Beaches! In the city a lot of them, and they are all incredibly nice and clean. The water is cool, but people still awash.

13. The only problem is it's not very good at cleaning the sand from the seaweed.


15. Along the beach is a neat walking path. Perfect place for Jogging.


17. Further from the beach stretches a wide strip of perfect lawn.

18. Before you go into the road.

19. Beauty.

20. On the other side of the road are different cafes, restaurants and shops.

21. Look closely: what's missing here? Yes, at first it seems that everything looks as it should, but then a strange feeling as if some important part of the beach is missing...

22. Well? Any ideas?

23. Well, of course! Not enough Shalmanov with a barbecue and stalls with cheap Souvenirs!

just In case I remind that looks like a normal Russian beach!

24. But in New Zealand people do not want to live in shit, and therefore along the beach no tents with merchants and cafes with loud music.

25. No one dares to spoil the view of the beach and ocean. And so then there is a continuous idyll: a perfectly flat lawn, young people Jogging, sunbathing girls and playing in the sand kids. Beauty. I wonder why Russia did not work? We have all trashed and built up, and from each piece squeeze the maximum of money.

26. Still here everywhere free clean toilets. Look — it should look so good toilet. They have been pretty cottages )))

And the toilets on the beaches we look like, and they are not even free.

27. All the restaurants, cafes and shops are across the road. If you need to eat, but is 50 metres away, and you will be all necessary infrastructure.

28. I swam at the Auckland Islands. In between ferries so you can do it without much difficulty. The island is very beautiful! Some people live and some absolutely wild and have the status of protected areas.

29. Someone's abandoned house.

30. Would like to live here?

31. It is such a machine which installs and removes barriers on the road.

Very cool stuff, see how it works.

32. In Auckland, all very good roads. And then there's the recently dug tunnels, and now to move around the city and to drive to the airport even more convenient.

33. The city is also actively developing Cycling infrastructure. Look at overpass even made a separate exit specifically for cyclists. One of the coolest routes I have ever seen!

34. If you ride a bike in New Zealand you will love it. It's a couple of photos for starters, I will write a separate post!

35. In the city centre also has a beautiful well-maintained embankments.

36. In Russia there would be Parking.

37. But in New Zealand city built for people, not for cars.

38. New home directly on the ocean.

39. Do you like it?

40. The city port with the yachts.


42. In the port is unloading containers from a cargo vessel.

43. If you love high-rise buildings, in the centre there are a small number of residential high-rises. In case if you like to live in an anthill )

44. On the waterfront is a large pavilion called "the Oakland cloud". It can be done in various lectures, exhibitions, festivals and concerts.

45. It is very lightweight modular structure that can be modified. For example, arcs that make up the skeleton of the building can be adjusted for height, thereby imparting the desired shape to the roof. And changing the number of used arcs you can make the pavilion longer or shorter.

46. The building was constructed in 2011 by the architectural firm Jasmax. It was originally planned that the Cloud will be used for one specific festival, but later it was decided not to disassemble.

47. The view from the top.


49. And of course, Auckland's stunning sunsets.


51. Also there are plenty of places where you can hearty meal or just a snack. They say that in Auckland a total of about 800 cafes and restaurants.


53. A food truck.

54. In Oakland there are areas where there are bans on alcohol. The severity of the restrictions may vary. In some areas you can't drink alcohol, but we have the right to carry it with you, and in other areas you are not even allowed to have it with you.

55. In addition, the areas differ from each other at the time of the ban. Somewhere it works round the clock and on a regular basis, and somewhere- only at night or in the daytime depending on the season. Violators are usually fine, but sometimes it can detain and take him to the station.

If you have any questions about life in New Zealand and how it is possible to emigrate, — ask in the comments. In the next posts I will try to elaborate on this topic.

And don't forget I have a huge number of posts from the last trip when I traveled through new Zealand natural attractions. This beauty cannot be described in words, so just go to posts with photos. You will not regret ))

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