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The destruction of the communication channels in the Spiritual body. Practice

The Commonwealth 10.03.2018 at 16:14

Forum Solium (Solium). Spiritual and cultural creative community. Unifying ideological project of the new time. Comfortable world for conscious people.

For many centuries the advanced minds of humanity trying to uncover the secrets of the human Soul. And if the existence of the Soul in the major religious denominations is accepted as proven fact, modern science rejects this fact, admitting the existence of the Soul as not a material object that cannot "feel, see, measure, and describe."

the modern man has developed the Orthodox attitude to the concept of "Soul" due to the accepted postulate that the Soul is associated with pain, suffering, loneliness, trials, etc. manifestations of human life. Mental anguish, anxiety, weight created songs about unrequited love, not a happy fate, persecution, etc. firmly put in people's minds that the Soul is something that "hurts". Even the expression "Soul wide open" is perceived as a description of the man guileless, altruistic and even stupid that you can cheat and use it for their benefit.

whether So it actually. Is it true that "the Soul hurts and your heart cries"?. What is Soul and what it "is"?

the body of the Soul has 4 levels of disclosure, which in turn forms a thin layer or thin body. Well-known in the yogic tradition, the three of them have title:




the Fourth layer is the Mental body sounds like "Mondee body." The chakras or "organs" of the Soul have their functions. It is:




the Desire is analogous to the concept of "the desire of the Person" on the astral plane. The desire to "dictate" the Person how to live, and the Desire – indicates the direction of Life, it is a conscious Personality impulse of the Soul.

the Common aspiration of the self and Soul is the Desire to Excel.

the Desire of the Individual to create the best living conditions due to the laws of Karma.

the Feeling is analogous to emotion. Emotions – a short-term reaction, as a rule, caused by external sources, but the sentiment is steady for a long time and have an "internal" source.

the knowledge of the Soul is manifested through the work of the "third eye" through clairvoyance, clairaudience and yasnopolyana (insight, insight, intuitive understanding).

the Third eye from the bulk of humanity is not functioning at the level at which he ought to have according to the plans of the Creator. In 90% of cases are caused by blocking the external channel connections. How to determine why your third eye "doesn't work" and then what to do with that you will be able to learn in our next lesson, the development of the Soul.

we Invite you today to practice for destruction of TV connections in the Mental body.

Your link on lesson plan page and payment Practices Here:

the link to the practice page will come to your email automatically after payment.

General information on the course: "the Development of the Soul. The World Of New Energies. - Knowledge" is here: Jump:


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