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Nutrition and health

ARTICLES | Classdiet 11.03.2018 at 12:16

Articles on the topic: a person's weight, proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle, overweight, what should I do to lose weight

Is proved the influence of nutrition on the occurrence of heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes type 2 diabetes. Consumption of TRANS fats, glycemic load are important to our health.

in order to improve their lives, to live longer and without disease, we need to eat right.

Nutrition and health are inseparable.

Should consume more polyunsaturated fats. Choose your diet healthy fats. Replace saturated with polyunsaturated from fish, vegetable oils, nuts and avocados. Proven (!), this reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Remember that the body requires all substances, including carbohydrates. Eat those that are absorbed slowly, not causing a sharp rise in blood sugar is a whole grain bread, pasta from durum wheat, beans, brown rice.

the Source of protein should be fish, poultry, eggs, beans.

fruits and Vegetables (at least 500 g a day) provides the body with fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Your weight is one of the most important determinants of health! The ratio of the height, weight and waist circumference have a huge impact on the probability of occurrence of hypertension, diabetes, breast cancer, endometrium, colon, infertility, arthritis, snoring and sleep apnea, problems with erection.


Start to move more, increase your physical activity.

Physical activity is crucial to weight control.

first, burned calories. Secondly, increasing muscle mass.

Why is it important? When you do any physical activity — walk, swim, clean the house, burn calories. Physical activity stimulates the growth and division of the muscle tissue. Muscles consume energy even at rest. The more muscle you have, the more energy is consumed even during sleep. In the absence of physical exertion, the muscles are replaced by fat.

Proper nutrition is the basis of health, protection from many diseases.

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