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Story number 3 12 March 2018

A dozen new stories. Anecdotes from Russia. 11.03.2018 at 21:00

Jokes from Russia - the most funny jokes, stories, sayings and phrases, poems, cartoons, and other humor. Go from 8 November 1995. Compiler Dima Verner

Happened and this story in the glorious and ancient city of Veliky Novgorod in the old days, when VAZ 2105 was still considered a car. But not about it now speech. I sold it and bought a 2109. Not a new one. All the progress... And the story began with the fact that my colleagues - mechanics broke my favorite "six". As it like a slave - should I care about him... Apart of him. He was little over sixty. One eye prosthesis. Life lived rough. In the city knew everything and everyone. We despite the difference in age was friendly (so far). Next – history.

I took him with Trubichino in the morning and we went to work. That day food as usual. Just before the bridge, the one before the post – blink. Yes, I see myself standing. Well, the speedometer is 60. Everything is fine. That's what I thought. Waving. Stop. Inspector brestic - 74 km/h... I'm frantically through his pockets. Only weaving... (it cost 50). Further dialogue:

- the Commander of only one hundred...

- no date.

- Yes I have been through about twenty minutes ago go.

- no problem. Will.

well, I got on the speedometer was 60...

- No cheating. You - 74.

- Come on, I'll go back, blink twice, you will measure. I think something with the speedometer...

- Come on.

I Take the Teddy bear drive. 60 on the speedometer. Just passed the checkpoint. There are. Blink. Sends me on radar. Shows wand where to stay. Approaching.

- 74

- Understood.

Next, the window slides the hand that throws fifty roubles. (Surrender)

- have a safe trip!

're Going. Mikhalych is silent. Then:

- is that It?

is Exceeded...

- No, he you fifty dollars for that gave?

- that exceeded...

- No, well, I do not understand...

- Yes what there to understand?!

Then I could lie anything, but I was silent until the evening. Mikhalych all at the firm told me the finger pointing, all twisted at a temple... Like, Mikhalych, look, let's not lie...

I hope that those who know do not take offense, the years have passed. But WAS it?!

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